Find Out Why A Beautiful Smile Is A Social Tool

A smile is one of the easiest ways of communication. It is a social tool which has implications upon our life, relationships, and well being in general. We assume a smile to be something which comes naturally to everyone. However, that is far from true. Many feel shy about smiling because they believe their smiles to be ugly and unattractive, which makes them feel very conscious of their smile. 

Now, what qualifies as a ‘beautiful’ smile is up for debate. But some of the generally accepted features that taint a beautiful smile include discoloration, teeth misalignment and crowding, gaps or missing teeth, chips, fractures or broken teeth, unhealthy, reddened gums and showing too much gum when smiling. All of this becomes a deterrent to letting your happiness show through a beaming smile. 

Smile is an expression, but unlike other facial expressions, it is not limited to being a reflection of your internal feelings. It is also a form of non verbal communication, one which can effectively manifest warmth and geniality. An attractive smile is one of those things that lets you make an instant impression upon others. It can evoke positive feelings in the other person, and can set the grounds for relationship building. Having a cheer on helps you make friends. 

Smiles are contagious. Your smile can elicit a smile in others, which in turn improves your mood. In other words, it functions as an expression and a source of happiness. Studies have found that smiling is associated with engagement, and people use it when they are engaged or want to engage others in an interaction. This strengthens relationships, as there is a mutual reciprocation of smiles. Professional and personal relationships benefit from an attractive smile. 

Being insecure of your smile can affect your social life negatively. You may feel less inclined to be outgoing, and interactive. A poor smile can also decrease your confidence, which in turn, prevents you from freely engaging with others. Alleviating such fears has become fairly easy now, with a range of solutions offered by dentistry. Most people refuse to smile with an open mouth because of their crooked or stained teeth. Whitening treatment can give you a sparkling smile and orthodontic treatment can easily fix your misalignment. And if you’re not a fan of a metallic smile, Invisalign in Dubai provides an alternative: the invisible dental braces which give off a natural look while being equally efficient. Getting your perfect smile may only be a consultation away!