Invisalign Aligners: Why Do People Prefer It Over Traditional Braces?

Over the past two decades, dental care techniques and treatments have evolved for the better. Many of the current dental procedures to treat different issues are simpler and much more accessible for all. For instance, one of the most common issues that people seek treatment is crooked or misaligned teeth. Traditional orthodontics were quite effective, it required patients to walk around with a mouth full of wire and metallic or ceramic brackets and come with many restrictions.


With the introduction of Invisalign treatment, the scare associated with orthodontic procedures like oral injuries & food restrictions were put to rest. While the thought of carrying metallic braces in their mouth for a year or two seemed a little too much for potential orthodontic candidates, invisible braces provided as a part of the Invisalign treatment proved to be just as effective with less of the trouble.


In this blog, we explore the many reasons why people have a natural preference for Invisalign treatment in comparison to traditional metallic braces:


Added Comfort

People who had gone through traditional orthodontic treatment and had worn braces at some point in their life would tell you about how uncomfortable it can get. The wires and brackets tend to poke and irritate the mouth, especially when damaged. On the other hand, clear aligners used in the Invisalign treatment is made of smooth plastic without any sharp edges. Further, they are easily removable and need to be worn only for around 20 to 22 hours a day. This allows the wearer short periods of freedom, especially during meals and brushing. 


Improved Aesthetics

Another great reason to choose Invisalign treatment over traditional braces is its overall look and feel. The clear aligners are almost invisible, which makes it hard for people to notice it. You can easily fix your teeth without drawing too much attention towards your teeth, even when smiling.


Custom Fit

The clear aligners for the Invisalign treatment are custom-made according to the individual’s teeth and its needs. This allows the aligner to fit perfectly over the patient’s teeth. The orthodontist will examine and estimate the fitting of your aligner and make small changes to each set of aligners, which helps in correcting the misalignment of your teeth. Each fitted aligner should be worn for 1-week before replacing them with the next set.


Easily Removable

As mentioned earlier, the clear aligners used for the Invisalign treatment is not fixed to the patient’s teeth like in the case of normal braces. The aligner plates are easily removable and can be taken off for brushing, flossing, cleaning the aligners and eating your favorite foods. Just like wearing invisible braces to correct your teeth, its hygiene is also equally important. As the clear aligners are removable, you can use brushes and tools for cleaning your teeth as well as the appliance. 


Further, Invisalign treatment gives the wearer enough flexibility to indulge in their favorite foods without the difficulty of cleaning the food particles that get stuck to your teeth.


Looking for a non-intrusive orthodontic treatment to treat your misaligned teeth? Start your journey towards a beautiful smile with the Invisalign treatment.