How Does The Invisalign System Work?

The first step to getting effective orthodontic treatment is a visit to an orthodontist who is a certified Invisalign provider. Your orthodontist will request for an examination, usually free of charge, to determine whether you are a prime candidate for an Invisalign treatment.  The treatment works better on some cases than others, which is why it is imperative to have a consultation. Whether you are a teen or an adult, you can experience the different benefits of Invisalign. While braces may be the default association for teeth straightening, Invisalign provides teens and adults with a more comfortable and effective means of correcting misaligned teeth and other dental imperfections.

Once your Invisalign provider has done an assessment and deemed you a good candidate, the next step is to take records. These records are photographs of your face, teeth and dental impressions. They indicate how the teeth should be moved or shifted for optimum alignment. The dental impressions are scanned and a 3D model displays your teeth on a computer screen. The teeth will be moved around in a step by step process, with changes made to and from by the orthodontist. You can see this in real-time. Once the final model shows your teeth aligned to the satisfaction of your Invisalign specialist, you are ready to start the treatment.

The way the Invisalign system works is that a particular set of aligners are provided for your use every week or every two weeks. The average movement of the teeth as guided by the aligners is usually at 1/10mm. This is why the aligners need to be replaced accordingly to aid in the adjustment of your teeth’s form.

While the aligners are removable and are a big hit because you can remove them during meal times and clean them regularly, you will need to wear them for at least 20-22 hours every day to achieve the best results.

Once the final aligner has been put in, it is time for retainers. You can select clear plastic retainers that look similar to Invisalign aligners. In most cases you should wear the retainers up to 2 months and cut back as you go along. Eventually, you will be wearing them a couple of nights per week. Retainers help to hold your teeth firmly in place at the end of your orthodontic treatment.