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Integrating with the bone, dental implants become a very natural part of your smile. They are the ideal
solution to replace missing or damaged teeth with ones that look, feel, and function like the real ones.
It’s a huge step forward in maintaining good oral health and aesthetics.

Dental Implants - Before ProcedureDental Implants - After Procedure
Dental Implants - Before ProcedureDental Implants - After Procedure
Dental Implants - Before ProcedureDental Implants - After Procedure
Dental Implants - Before ProcedureDental Implants - After Procedure
Dental Implants - Before ProcedureDental Implants - After Procedure
Dental Implants - Before ProcedureDental Implants - After Procedure

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At our clinic in Dubai, we specialize in helping you regain your confidence and a beautiful smile through cutting-edge dental implants. Our natural-looking, functional, and long-lasting solutions are designed to improve your oral health. Our expert implantologists will guide you to the finest solution between our different types of procedures: single-tooth implants, same-day implants, all-on-6 & all-on-4 implants.

Why Opt for Dental Implants?

Loss of teeth

Over time, teeth loss may require complex and unpleasant dental operations like bone grafts or sinus lifts. Although successful, these interventions can be extensive and may necessitate extended recuperation times, adding to your overall discomfort and annoyance.

Missing tooth

When a tooth is missing, the adjacent teeth will naturally slide into the empty area. This shift might result in misaligned teeth, compromising your smile and general oral health. Without prompt care, these misalignments may become increasingly difficult to rectify.

Teeth misalignment

This is more than just an aesthetic issue; it also has functional implications. An irregular bite can hinder basic processes like chewing and speaking. Over time, these bite issues can wear down teeth unevenly and strain the oral muscles.

Consistent misalignment and bite problems

These issues place undue stress on the jaw joint, potentially leading to TMJ disorders. TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorders, manifests as chronic jaw pain, making many everyday tasks like talking or eating painful.

The Most
Accurate Teeth


Many people lose their teeth due to a number of reasons including physical injury or trauma, bone loss, poor dental hygiene, and diseases. Unlike in the past, when the only options for missing teeth were dentures and bridges, advances in dental technology have made dental implants possible and affordable.

Contrary to popular misconception, this procedure is safe and minimally invasive and can restore your lost smile on the same day of treatment. Our resident implantologist has several years of experience treating a wide variety of cases. We only utilize industry-standard dental materials coupled with the highest quality of dental practice.

The Procedure Step by Step

At Invisalign Center, the implant surgery involves these phases:


During the initial appointment, we assess the density of your teeth, gums, and jawbone to determine that they are strong enough to support the implantation. Our experienced implantologist then recommends the best choice for you between same-day, single-tooth, all-on-6 or all-on-4 dental implants.

Preparing the Ground

If a tooth is beyond repair, we prepare the way for progress by gently extracting it and precisely cleaning the space to ensure the implant has the best foundation to grow.

Building the Foundation

The jawbone may be unsuitable for an implant because it is too thin or soft. In this case, through a bone graft, we elevate and fortify your jawbone, giving it the power to hold the implant properly and bring your beautiful smile to life.

Laying the Base

Our expert implantologist inserts the implant into your jawbone. While this part of the procedure may sound scary, most people say that this operation is less painful than a tooth extraction.

Healing Time

Once the dental implant is properly placed, a fusion occurs over the next few months as it integrates perfectly with the bone. This transforming phase is called osseointegration, and it ensures a solid and long-lasting connection for your new smile.

The Finishing Touch

After the tooth has completely healed, we precisely place the crown, the visible part, on the implant. This final step completes the procedure, bringing your smile to life. With the crown securely attached, you’ll get a naturally beautiful and brilliant smile.


This advanced procedure uses innovative 3D technology to plan an optimal implant surgery. Our implantologists provide a tailored and exact approach to your dental implant surgery by evaluating the ideal implant site, angle, and depth. Furthermore, the procedure includes the production of customized drilling templates, which adds an added degree of accuracy to the surgery.


  • Replace missing teeth
  • Look and act like natural teeth
  • Prevent bone loss and gum erosion
  • Support your facial structure
  • Long-lasting solution
  • Enhance chewing efficiency

Different Types Of Dental Implants


Unlike traditional methods, same-day implants let you get new and defined teeth in just three visits, once for consultation, surgery, and follow-up. But, the actual implantation process will be completed in a single visit.


When dealing with the loss of a single tooth and trying to improve aesthetics, comfort, and functionality, a single implant is the best option. This individual implant includes attaching a single dental crown to the implant screw, offering a complete solution for replacing a missing tooth.


This procedure is designed for those who have most or all of their teeth missing. Four implants are carefully placed on the top or bottom jaws to provide a strong foundation for a new set of teeth. All-on-4 implant will help you restore a beautiful smile.


Similar to the all-on-4 treatment, All-on-6 dental implants provide a quick change, allowing you to have new and well-defined teeth. The significant differential is the strategic placement of six implants on the top or bottom jaws, to provide increased stability and support.

What Makes Our Treatment Different?

Same Day Results
Minimal Discomfort
Lifetime Guarantee
Internationally Renowned Implantologists
Easy Payment Plans
Latest State-of-the-art Technology
Patient-Centered Service
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Travel To Our Dental Implants Clinic
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We are proud to be part of the country’s efforts in medical tourism through our convenient dental implant packages, specifically designed for overseas patients. Our team can arrange hotel accommodations with airport pick up & drop off for a more effortless travel experience.

For clients travelling across the Middle East; including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain, we can happily assist with arranging visit visas for your arrival in Dubai.

If you’re residing outside the UAE and want to learn more about our dental implant procedures, reach out to us!

Invisalign Center’s Experienced Implantologists

Dr. Sufian Abusalim

Consultant – Periodontics/Privilege – Implantology

With a specialization in periodontics and implantology, he uses his expertise to give patients the highest level of care and information. Following a meeting with him, the patient will be fully informed of all the solutions that best suit their specific condition, encouraged to ask questions and take the time necessary to make the best decision.

Dr. Arjangue Chanavaz

Consultant Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Specialist Implantology Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

Arjangue Chanvaz is dedicated to continued professional growth and has earned a number of medical diplomas since 1998, including specializations in microsurgical techniques, implantology and reconstructive surgery, orthognathic surgery, and bucco-dental and maxillo-facial expertise.

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What Our Happy Clients Say

“I highly recommend the Dental Implants Treatment from the Invisalign Center! Their staff members are very accommodating and the results are outstanding!”

Yelena Dimitrova

“I only trust the Invisalign Center for my Dental Implants procedure. They are very professional and will guide you through the process from pre-treatment to aftercare. The results are long lasting as well!”

Clark Richards

“I love, love, love the results! I never knew the procedure could only take less than an hour! Will definitely come back here again. Highly recommended!”

William D’Souza

“I got my Dental Implants Treatment done at Invisalign Center and would recommend it to friends and family. The team is very friendly and courteous. I am also impressed by how good the results were.”

Mike Angel

Frequently Asked Questions

Why dental implants?

They are indicated if you have a missing tooth and want a permanent, natural-looking option. They are crucial for preventing jawbone loss, improving dental function, and maintaining general oral health. They provide a natural appearance and feel, support normal dental functions, and can last for a lifetime with adequate maintenance. They improve general dental health, prevent jawbone loss, and offer a confident and comfortable option.

How soon can I have an implant after tooth extraction?

The procedure can be done right after the tooth extraction on the same day or after 3-6 months so that the mouth gets enough time to heal after the extraction procedure.

How long does it take for a dental implant procedure?

The procedure for a single tooth may take about 1-2 hours. The entire implant procedure may take about 3-4 months to complete in cases where bone grafting is not required. For some cases where bone grafting is required, the healing duration may exceed up to 9 months.

Is it painful to get dental implants?

Our modern treatment is a straightforward, minimally invasive process that’s easier than having a tooth removed. Thanks to our in-house digital 3D planning process, your implant treatment is streamlined for shorter placement times and quicker recovery. Most people can complete their treatment with a small amount of local anesthetic (numbing medication) and little or no over-the-counter pain medication afterwards. Sedation dentistry is also available. With the use of sedative techniques and anesthetics, discomfort is typically minimal and does not persist for more than a few days. As this is a surgical procedure, you might experience postoperative discomfort, for which we prescribe a course of medication with painkillers (analgesics) to manage this.

What if I don't have enough bone for dental implants?

In cases where the bone is inadequate to support an implant, our implantologist at Invisalign Center uses innovative techniques to expand the bony ridge & use bone grafts to augment the deficient bone. A sinus lift procedure can also be done in the upper arch to place an implant where the bone is deficient. Digital Implant Surgery is an excellent tool to plan the guided placement & angulation of the implant to the area of maximum thickness of bone.

Do dental implants require special care?

The treatment has no long-term restrictions, although caution is needed until the bone is completely healed. When teeth implants are successfully restored, it is important to avoid biting hard substances at first. Initially, a soft diet is best for the first two weeks; after that, you can slowly introduce harder foods. Rest assured, you will soon be able to enjoy all kinds of food.

Is the treatment safe?

Dental implants have been performed as a medically approved dental treatment for over 50 years now and are considered a 100% safe tooth replacement procedure. As long as you are in good health, the treatment at our clinic in Dubai will be highly successful and performed by our expert implantologist.

What is the downside of teeth implants?

While there are no significant downsides to this procedure, they can cost higher than other alternative treatment options. However, the high cost easily sets off with the durability and effectiveness of the treatment in preventing further bone loss in the area of the lost tooth.

How long will the results last?

At Invisalign Center in Dubai, our dental implants come with a lifetime guarantee, provided that you follow a disciplined flossing and brushing routine, along with regular dental checkups every six months. Traditionally, they last for 20-30 years or less, depending on the quality of the implants and how well they are secured or fixed into your jawbone.

How many sessions will it take?

The length of the procedure varies depending on the type of implant procedure, the number of implants, their locations and whether bone grafting is required. On average, it requires two sessions, which can take between six and nine months. However, at Invisalign Center, our same-day dental implants offer same-day results through a quick and safe procedure.

How long do all-on-4 implants last?

Several factors influence the durability of all-on-4 implants, including oral cleanliness, overall health, and lifestyle. With good care and regular check-ups, all-on-4 implants can last many years, if not a lifetime. Maintaining proper oral hygiene, attending follow-up appointments, and following our implantologists’ suggestions will help your all-on-4 dental implants last longer and perform better.

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