Our Doctors

Our experts at the Invisalign Center will design a treatment plan tailored to your requirements and discuss the plan prior to your Invisalign Technique treatment’s start. A special software exclusively designed for Invisalign Technique will allow you to see every stage of your planned treatment and the final result prior to your Invisalign Technique ‘journey’. Invisalign Technique has successfully treated a variety of misaligned teeth, ranging from crowding, wide gaps, open-bite, deep-bite and more. Invisalign Technique’s success rate is a testimony of the fact that it is able to treat most dental issues without the need of complex procedures.

“At the Invisalign Center Dubai, we aim to add success stories to the existing ones, of patients from the UAE and the GCC by giving you the results you want; be a part of this journey and start your Invisalign treatment today.”

Our Team

  • Dr. Mervet Mansour

    Master in Orthodontics


  • Dr. Angela Gomez

    Master in Orthodontics


  • Dr. Laura Nogues

    Master in Orthodontics


  • Dr. Sufian Abusalim

    Specialist Periodontics


  • Dr. Seda Ozyoney

    General Dentist – PhD in Endodontics


  • Dr. Philip Arjangue Chanvaz

    Specialist Implantologist & Orthognathic Surgeon


  • Dr. Esra Guzeldemir

    Specialist Periodontist


  • Dr. Ahmad Arbi

    Specialist Prosthodontist


  • Dr. Duaa Mustafa

    Specialist Paediatric Dentist


  • Dr. Micheline Katramiz

    General Dentist


  • General Dentist


  • Dr. Manuela Noia

    General Dentist


  • Dr. Mayar Khaled

    General Dentist


  • Dr. Yomna Rezeika

    General Dentist


  • Dr. Averin

    Cosmetic Dentist


  • Dr. Pr Pierre Bouletreau

    Specialist Orthognathic and Orbital Surgeon


  • Dr. Tonje Lystad

    Orthodontist and Dentofacial Orthopedist