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Did you know dental concerns remain the leading causes of poor diet, speech impediment, school absenteeism, and social isolation among children?

Starting dental care early can set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth. Childhood is a time when good habits are easily adopted. Healthy teeth boost confidence, and instilling the value of oral health early ensures a brighter smile in the years to come, supporting their overall physical and emotional well-being.

At Invisalign Center, our team of kids’ dentists provide excellent preventive and comprehensive care to effectively address and minimize the occurrence of common dental concerns among children. We build a solid foundation to prevent early-stage dental problems from becoming serious.

When to Visit a Pediatric Dentist

  • 01. First Tooth Appearance

    When a child's first tooth emerges, it's time to introduce them to pediatric dental care to ensure proper oral development.

  • 02. Teething Discomfort

    If your child shows discomfort during teething, a pediatric dentist can provide advice for relief and check for any teething issues.

  • 03. Thumb Sucking Habits

    Prolonged thumb sucking can affect a child's bite. A kids’ dentist can offer strategies to discourage the habit.

  • 04. Pediatric Check-Ups

    Regular dental check-ups for children are crucial for spotting early signs of decay and monitoring tooth development.

  • 05. Learning Dental Hygiene

    A dentist can teach children proper brushing and flossing techniques, establishing a foundation for lifelong oral health.

  • 06. Sealants and Fluoride

    A pediatric dentist may recommend sealants or fluoride treatments to protect children's teeth from decay.

  • 07. Orthodontic Assessment

    Early evaluation by a kids’ dentist can identify the need for orthodontics, guiding timely interventions for alignment issues.

What to Consider When
Choosing A Pediatric Dentist in Dubai

  • 01.

    Choose a pediatric dentist known for their credibility and good reviews. Word of mouth and online testimonials can guide your decision.

  • 02.
    Doctor Panel

    Make sure the dentist is specialised in pediatric dentistry and is up-to-date with the latest treatment techniques and dental technology. It is also essential that they prioritize safety and comfort for your child above all else.

  • 03.
    Tailor-made Services

    Each child is different and unique. The dentist you choose should offer services that are tailored to your specific needs so that each visit is unique.

  • 04.

    When looking for quality dental care, it's important to make sure the costs involved are transparent and reasonable. Not all expensive services provide exceptional quality.

  • 05.

    Location matters. The clinic should be easily reachable, accommodating your schedule and reducing commute stress for regular check-ups.

  • 06.

    Your child will receive the greatest care possible thanks to today's advanced equipment and methods. The dentist needs to have the latest technology.

  • 07.
    Hygiene Practices

    Hygiene practices are very important. The dental clinic should have strict rules about cleanliness to protect your child's health at all times.

The Most Comprehensive
Dental Care For Your Children

At Invisalign Center, our specialists work hard to create a child-friendly environment for their comfort. Dental health care should be a fun experience for your children. At Invisalign Center, we provide you with just that.

We understand that children require special attention and care when it comes to their oral health so we strive to offer the best services for all their oral needs.

Our Pediatric Services At The
Invisalign Center Include:

  • Pediatric Restorative Dentistry

    Children's teeth are unique and delicate, and even with diligent care, they can face challenges. Pediatric restorative dentistry is the specialized art of restoring the health and vitality of young teeth. It deals with issues such as cavities, tooth damage, and other dental irregularities. Our pediatric dentists goal is to ensure every child can wear their smile with confidence.

  • Oral Hygiene Guidance

    The habits formed during childhood often become lifelong practices. During these formative years, the foundation of good oral hygiene is laid. Our team is dedicated to teaching young ones the correct brushing and flossing techniques, making it engaging and memorable. Additionally, we provide insights on dietary choices, ensuring children understand the importance of foods that support strong and healthy teeth./p>

  • Dental Injuries & Emergencies

    Life's little accidents can sometimes involve our teeth. Whether it's a tumble during a soccer game or a mishap with a hard candy, immediate and skilled care is vital. Our commitment is to offer prompt, efficient, and empathetic solutions. With our kids' dentists expertise, parents can be assured that their child's dental emergencies are in capable hands.

  • General Anesthesia & Dental Sedation

    Certain dental procedures require the utmost calm and stillness. General anesthesia and dental sedation are tools we use to ensure this. These measures are always administered by trained professionals, ensuring safety and comfort. The primary goal is to ensure that children remain at ease and free from anxiety, making their dental experience as smooth as possible.

  • Extensive Dental Checkup

    Routine dental checkups are more than just a quick look at the teeth. Our extensive dental examinations delve deep into the health of children's teeth, gums, and surrounding oral tissues. We get a holistic view of their oral health through detailed assessments, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

  • Preventive Oral Health Care

    The best dental issues are the ones that never occur. Our preventive oral health care is designed as a proactive approach. By providing regular cleanings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants, we strive to shield young teeth from cavities, gum diseases, and other potential problems before they manifest.

  • Interceptive Dental Care

    Early detection often means simpler solutions. Interceptive dental care identifies and addresses potential dental concerns in their nascent stages. This proactive approach ensures that minor issues are resolved, preventing them from escalating into major challenges.

Pediatric Orthodontics For Parents, It’s Important For Your Children To Start Early

Gently clean your infant’s gums with a clean damp cloth. From the moment they grow their milk teeth, instilling the habit of taking care of their oral health is crucial growing up. Part of having a healthy dental routine is regular appointments to the dentist.

We recognize the importance of their first dental appointment and how significant it is in building their perception of oral health so our specialists work to provide the best, most comfortable and fun experience for children.

Invisalign First™

Invisalign First treatment is designed for little smiles.

Invisalign First™ is a type of orthodontic treatment designed specifically for children who still have their baby teeth or a mixture of baby and permanent teeth. It is typically recommended for children between the ages of 6 and 10 who have issues such as crowding, spacing, or bite problems that may require orthodontic treatment.

Early Orthodontics

Make a big difference in your child’s oral health and confidence.

Early orthodontic treatment, also known as interceptive orthodontic treatment, involves diagnosing and treating orthodontic problems in children at an early age, typically between the ages of 6 and 10. The goal of early orthodontic treatment is to correct issues such as crowding, spacing, overbites, underbites, and crossbites before they become more severe and require more extensive treatment later in life.

Our Process

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  • A Friendly Welcome

    Your child's comfort is our first priority from the time they enter our facility. We've created a soothing and comfortable environment because we know that going to the dentist may be frightening at times.

  • Detailed Dental Examination

    We take a careful look at your child's teeth and gums. It's about ensuring they're on the path to a glowing, healthy grin. Rest assured, if there's anything we observe, we'll share it with you so you're always informed about your child's dental well-being.

  • Compassionate Dental Care

    With gentle methods, we clean your child's teeth, wiping away any unwanted build-up. Our goal is to bring out the best in those tiny teeth, all while keeping your child relaxed and at ease.

  • Informed Oral Care Recommendations

    As your visit concludes, we'll impart some handy guidance for maintaining healthy dental practices at home. From effective brushing techniques to diet suggestions, we stand by to ensure that the radiant smile of your child persists. Connecting with every young visitor and ensuring they feel acknowledged is at the heart of what we do.

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What Makes Us A Reliable Provider
Of Pediatric Dental Care in Dubai

  • 01. Creating a Child-Friendly Dental Environment

    Adopting vibrant and light wall colours in dental clinics can create a welcoming and exciting atmosphere for young patients. Additionally, the inclusion of dental chairs that offer comfort for both children and accompanying parents can help ease dental anxieties.

    Our waiting area is designed with cosy seating, and an assortment of child-centric reading materials that ensure even the anticipation before an appointment is a pleasant and engaging experience for children.

  • 02. Distraction Techniques

    We equip our dental clinic with engaging toys that allow children to direct their nervous energy positively while playing soft, kid-friendly music that can be a comforting strategy to distract and calm young patients during their dental treatments.

  • 03. Specialised Approach to Children

    Our pediatric clinic prioritizes alleviating dental anxiety in children through a unique and supportive approach. We create a welcoming environment and employ staff trained in child-friendly techniques.

    Utilizing distractions like stories and toys, we shift focus away from anxiety. Positive reinforcement and clear, calm communication in child-appropriate language further enhance the experience, ensuring your child feels secure and understood. Our commitment is to your child's well-being, making dental visits a positive part of their dental health journey.

  • 04. Nitrous Treatment for a Smooth Dental Experience

    Nitrous treatment, often referred to as "laughing gas", is a blend of nitrous oxide and oxygen. Administered through a small mask over the nose, it's used to help children feel more at ease during dental procedures. As they breathe in the gas, a sense of relaxation helps reduce dental anxiety. It's a trusted and effective method in pediatric dentistry, ensuring a more comfortable experience. After the procedure, its effects go off quickly, allowing kids to resume normal activities.

Common Dental Issues Among Children & Solutions

Kids are energetic and always on the move, making them prone to accidents. One area of concern is dental injuries. A tumble during play or a misstep during sports can result in chipped, broken, or knocked-out teeth.

One effective way to protect our young ones from such mishaps, especially during contact sports, is by using mouthguards. These soft, plastic devices fit over the teeth, acting as a cushion against sudden impacts. It's like a helmet for teeth. They're especially crucial for sports like soccer, basketball, and hockey.

Promoting safe play practices is equally important. Teach children to avoid roughhousing near hard surfaces and always to be aware of their surroundings. Simple steps can prevent many accidents.

Should a dental injury occur, seeing a dentist promptly is crucial. Treatment options range from repositioning and splinting to root canals for more severe injuries. Remember, prevention is key. Equip your child appropriately and instill safe play habits to protect their teeth.

A Reminder To Watch Your Child's Dental Health

A child's entire health is directly tied to his or her oral health. Poor oral health in children has been related to a variety of academic difficulties, including trouble focusing and even skipping class. It's never too early to establish good dental hygiene practices. Brushing should begin as soon as the first tooth comes in. It might also be helpful to clean an infant's gums with a moist, soft cloth after each meal.

Going to a dental clinic regularly is also essential. The first dental examination should be planned for near to the child's first birthday or even before the first tooth emerges. Taking this preventative measure may help keep cavities and gum disease away. A cavity-free mouth will help your child digest food more easily, speak more clearly, and smile confidently.

Our Pediatric Specialists

Dr. Duaa Mustafa Specialist Paediatric Dentist

Emirati Consultant Paediatric Dentist and Conscious Sedation Specialist, with an extensive international training and a focus on research, including a PhD and Master’s degree from prestigious universities, she is dedicated to providing the best care for your child’s dental health.

Dr. Micheline Katramiz General Dentist

With more than 5 years of experience as a dentist for kids, she is here to build a trust and comfortable relationship with your child. She is always updated with the latest trends in pediatric dentistry and ready to improve your kid’s smile!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does a baby start teething?

    When babies start teething, they might act more fussy, have swollen gums, face trouble sleeping, eat less, drool more, have redder cheeks, and want to chew on fingers or toys a lot.

    To help your baby feel better, you can give them something cold to chew, like a cool teething ring or a clean, wet cloth. A gentle rub on the gums can also help. If these don't help, your doctor might tell you to give your baby some pain medicine.

  • What kind of teeth problems can a baby have?

    What your child eats can affect their teeth. From the time the first tooth comes in, there's a chance of tooth decay. A check-up can help see if your child might have teeth problems in the future.

  • How can I keep my child's teeth healthy?

    • - Make sure your child doesn't go to bed with a bottle.
    • - Keep sugary foods and drinks to a minimum, and give your child healthy food.
    • - Don't put sweet foods like honey on their pacifier.
    • - Brush their teeth in the morning and at night, and clean them if they have sweet medicine.

  • Can milk or baby formula hurt my child's teeth?

    If babies drink from a bottle for too long, especially before sleeping, it can hurt their teeth. This is because the sugar in milk, juice, or formula can cause tooth decay if it stays on the teeth too long.

  • Does my child need to have dental pictures taken?

    Taking pictures (x-rays) of your child's teeth can show if everything is okay. It's safe and can help the dentist see if there might be any issues later on.

  • How should I clean my baby's teeth and gums?

    • - After your baby eats, clean their gums with a clean, wet cloth.
    • - Once they have teeth, brush them two times a day with toothpaste meant for kids.
    • - For children under two, use just a tiny bit of toothpaste. For children between two and five, use a small amount, like the size of a pea.
    • - Try flossing to clean between teeth where the brush can't reach.
    • - Teach your child to brush and floss by themselves when they're old enough.

  • When should I take my child to a pediatric dentist?

    To prevent your child from experiencing oral health problems, it is crucial to take them to the dentist as soon as their first tooth emerges. Proper dental evaluation is essential to keep their teeth healthy.

  • How do I prevent dental caries while nursing my child?

    To prevent cavities from forming, ensure that your child is fed with only water during bed time. Milk contains acids that can damage teeth when not flushed away with water.

  • How frequently should my child’s dental check ups be?

    Our specialists recommend for you and your child to come in for dental checkups every six months to prevent dental problems.

  • What should I do when my child experiences toothache?

    Schedule an appointment with your dentist immediately. Rinse your child’s mouth with clean water and apply a cold compress to minimize the pain and discomfort.

  • What is the right kind of toothpaste for my child to use?

    It is safe to use an (American Dental Association) ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste for your child. Place a pea-sized amount on your child’s toothbrush for them to use.

  • What can I do at home to maintain my child’s oral health?

    Teaching your kids about oral health at an early stage is important. You can begin developing proper dental hygiene by letting them brush their teeth after every meal. Include nutrient-rich foods in their diet, especially the ones rich in calcium.

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