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What Are TMJ TMJ
(Temporomandibular Joint)

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ), located in front of each ear, connects the skull to the lower jaw. It is the
body’s most often used joint, allowing your mandible (lower jaw) to move while also acting as a hinge and gliding
joint. TMJ disorders (TMD) occur when this important joint doesn’t function properly

What Are the Symptoms of
TMJ Disorders (TMD)?

TMJ dysfunction is rather common and generates a variety of symptoms that can range in intensity and duration:

  • Earaches and headaches
  • Difficulties and pain in opening your mouth
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Mouth stiffness
  • Persistent jaw pain
  • Challenges in chewing food
  • Clicking sounds upon jaw movement

The causes of TMJ disorders can be various and consulting a TMJ specialist is the first step to understanding your specific issue and finding an effective solution to get relief from jaw pain.

Successful TMJ Dysfunction
in Dubai

TMJ dysfunction is rather common and generates a variety of symptoms that can range in intensity and duration:

At Invisalign Center, our experienced TMJ specialists prioritize your well-being and comfort. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Most TMJ disorders can be treated conservatively, especially if they are associated with habits such as clenching, grinding, or related to teeth misalignment. TMJ pain can be efficiently managed using a variety of techniques, including protective bite splints and orthodontic therapy. While surgery is required in some circumstances, our TMJ specialists have the expertise to find the perfect and less invasive therapy for any TMJ dysfunction. If surgery is required, we will thoroughly explore less invasive options with you, allowing you to make an informed decision about your health.

  • Personalized

    We begin with a thorough assessment
    to gather information about your condition
    and symptoms.

  • Advanced

    We employ the latest equipment in the TMJ field for effective outcomes.

  • Non-Invasive

    Our solutions focus on non-invasive methods for quicker recovery.

  • Comprehensive

    We combine our TMJ treatments with physiotherapy and massage.

  • Highly Experienced

    Our team includes expert TMJ specialists to ensure high-quality treatment.

  • Patient

    We provide detailed information for optimal recovery and preventive care.

How It Works

Initial Diagnosis

On your first visit, one of our TMJ specialists will take a close look at your jaw. We’ll talk with you about any discomfort or issues you’re experiencing to determine if you’re dealing with TMJ disorders (TMD). To aid our assessment, we might take X-rays or use other imaging methods, ensuring we get a comprehensive view of what’s going on inside.

Personalized TMJ Treatment Planning

Once we have diagnosed the problem, the next step is to chalk out a treatment strategy specifically for your TMJ issue. Your unique plan could encompass various treatments. These might range from pain relievers and physical therapy sessions to specific devices for your mouth, geared towards alleviating pain and getting your jaw back to its natural movement.

Customized TMD Therapy

A common therapy for TMJ disorders involves a custom-made oral device designed to be worn while you sleep. But this isn’t just any device. Our expert dental practitioners will take a mold of your teeth to ensure that this appliance fits perfectly. This precise fit aims to diminish jaw discomfort and foster proper alignment, offering you relief.

Consistent Check-ups for Optimal Results

After starting your customized therapy, our TMJ specialists will schedule regular check-ups to review your symptoms, assess how effective the procedure has been, and adapt your TMJ treatment plan if needed. At Invisalign Center, our goal is to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome and long-term relief from jaw pain.

Dubai’s Invisalign Center TMJ Specialists

Ahmad Arabi
Specialist – Prosthodontics

Ahmad Arabi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Surgery from MUST University and a Master’s in Fixed Prosthodontics from Cairo University. In 2019, he attended Prodental Academy’s “Master Level of Full Mouth Reconstruction, Clinical Occlusion, and TMJ Programme”.

Dr. Arabi is a Laser Dentistry and Digital Smile Design certified dentist, specialized in aesthetic dentistry and comprehensive smile makeovers with a particular emphasis on Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD) and Malocclusion.

Dr. Arjangue Chanavaz
Consultant Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Specialist Implantology Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

Arjangue Chanavaz, graduated from the French Medical University in General Surgery, is specialized in Maxillo-Facial Surgery. His area of expertise is Implant and Bone Augmentation Surgery, with a focus on immediate loading, early-age dental implants, and minimally invasive bone augmentation surgery. He has earned various certificates, including Microsurgical Techniques, Implant and Reconstructive Surgery, Orthognathic Surgery, Bucco-Dental and Maxillo-Facial Expertise, and a Master’s Degree in Biological and Human Sciences.

Dr. Ahmad Arabi - Specialist Prosthodontics
Ahmad Arabi
Specialist – Prosthodontics
Dr. Arjangue Chanavaz - Consultant Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Specialist Implantology Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
Arjangue Chanavaz
Consultant Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Specialist Implantology Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

What We Do

Provide specialized TMJ treatment Offer custom Invisalign solutions Conduct comprehensive TMJ assessments

Who We Do It For

Individuals with TMJ pain Those seeking non-invasive alternatives Anyone experiencing jaw issues

What You Get

Relief from jaw pain and discomfort Improved jaw alignment without traditional braces Accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plans
Invisalign Center Dubai

At the Invisalign Center, their TMJ treatment approach truly stood out. The specialists tailored the procedure to my unique needs, ensuring not just alignment but also comfort. Their expertise in using Invisalign for TMJ issues has made a significant difference to my jaw comfort.

– Personalized Treatment Experience

I was impressed with the Invisalign center's cutting-edge technology for TMJ treatments. Their detailed scanning and precise fitting of the aligners meant that I received effective and prompt relief from my jaw pain and discomfort.

– Modern Technology

The team at the Invisalign center is not only well-versed in TMJ treatment but also genuinely compassionate. Their patient-centric approach made me feel heard, understood, and well taken care of throughout my treatment journey.

– Knowledgeable and Compassionate Staff

Seeking TMJ treatment at the Invisalign center was one of the best decisions I've made. Their non-invasive aligner method provided relief without the need for surgery or extensive procedures. I'm grateful for their modern approach to a traditionally complex issue.

– Effective and Non-Invasive

Frequently Asked Questions

How is your TMJ treatment different from others?

Our unique approach to Temporomandibular Joint disorders (TMD) includes comprehensive methodologies. Instead of merely providing short-term relief, we delve deep to address the root causes, offering our patients more enduring solutions and alleviating their discomfort more comprehensively.

Is the treatment painful?

Our prime objective is patient comfort. We employ techniques specifically tailored to ensure minimal discomfort. In fact, a significant number of our patients report experiencing little to no pain during the treatment process.

Can Invisalign Aligners help with TMJ disorders?

Invisalign is primarily designed for teeth alignment. However, correcting bite irregularities can effectively reduce undue stress on the TMJ, potentially easing related symptoms and discomforts.

How long does it take to see results?

The duration of noticeable results can vary widely among patients. However, many of our patients have reported significant relief after only a few treatment sessions, underscoring the efficacy of our approach.

Are there any side effects to the treatment?

Our TMD treatments are developed to be as safe as possible, with minimal side effects. Nonetheless, we highly recommend patients to voice any concerns to our specialists for a comprehensive understanding.

Will insurance cover my TMJ treatment?

Insurance coverage is subjective and can differ among providers. To ascertain your coverage specifics, we suggest connecting with both your insurance provider and our administrative team for accurate information.

How is the Invisalign Center in Dubai different from other clinics?

What sets our Invisalign Center apart is our integration of specialized TMJ treatments. We offer a multifaceted approach, ensuring patients benefit from both dental alignment and TMJ therapeutic solutions.

Can TMJ problems come back after treatment?

While our treatments aim for long-term relief, TMJ disorders can potentially recur. However, by following our post-treatment guidance meticulously and maintaining regular care, the likelihood of recurrence can be significantly reduced.

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