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Invisalign® aligners
straighten teeth...

  • icon Faster than braces
  • icon More comfortably than braces
  • icon More predictably

How It Works

  • Consultation and Treatment Planning:

    Your doctor will take digital impressions of your teeth and create a 3D model of your mouth. Based on this model, a series of custom-made aligners are created.

  • Wearing the Aligners:

    You wear each set of aligners for approximately two weeks, gradually shifting your teeth into the desired position. You must wear the aligners for 20-22 hours per day and remove them only when eating, brushing, and flossing.

  • Regular Checkups:

    You will have regular checkups with your orthodontist to monitor your progress and receive new sets of aligners. Once your treatment is complete, you will be given retainers to help maintain your new smile.

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  • Amazing experience and my teeth are fixed without any hassle! I would like to give a special shout out to Dr. Mervet who treated me throughout the treatment. She was amazing and everything was really smooth. Also, nurse Lee was very helpful. The receptionists were all really nice as well. It is definitely worth it!

    – Thamir Alansari

  • Dr Feda really fixed my smile. She’s so professional, knows what she is doing and doesn’t cut corners. I did my bottom Invisalign with her and a few touch ups , and plan to perfect my smile further as I feel she is extremely reliable. Referring my entire family to her!

    – Salpy Kevorkian

  • Excellent! Choosing Invisalign Center to get my Invisalign treatment is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I couldn’t be happier with the results, the doctors and all the people involved in the center. The doctors are extremely professional and very friendly. I want to thank Dr. Mervet, Dr. Amelia, Dr. Angela and Dr. Laura for everything. Also I want to thank Hannah from reception, she is such a kind person. Now I can say I have the smile of my dreams.

    – Giulia PPN

  • I had my Invisalign treatment done with Dr Feda and honestly I can’t recommend her enough! She is honest and amazing at what she does! I also had the laser treatment on my gums to show more of my natural teeth and WOW I’m obsessed with the results. I feel so confident and beautiful and it’s thanks to dr Feda. I’ve never been a big fan of the dentist however in dr Feda’s hands I felt so comfortable and honestly zero pain!

    – Kimia Soleimani

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign treatment is a type of orthodontic treatment that uses clear, removable aligners to straighten teeth and improve the overall appearance and function of the mouth. The aligners are custom-made for each individual and are made of a clear plastic material that is virtually invisible when worn. Invisalign treatment involves wearing a series of aligners that gradually move the teeth into the desired position.

Who is Invisalign treatment for?

Invisalign treatment is a viable option for a wide range of people who wish to improve the appearance and function of their teeth. Invisalign treatment can be used to treat a variety of orthodontic issues, including crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, overbites, underbites, and crossbites. In general, Invisalign treatment is suitable for both teenagers and adults who have permanent teeth and who are committed to following the treatment plan as recommended by their orthodontist.

What is the treatment process?

The treatment process typically involves an initial consultation with a dental professional to determine if Invisalign is a suitable option for the patient’s specific dental needs. If Invisalign is recommended, the patient will receive a series of custom aligners that they will wear for a designated amount of time before switching to the next set of aligners in the series. Throughout the treatment process, patients will have regular check-ups with their dental professional to ensure that the treatment is progressing as planned. Once the final set of aligners has been worn, patients may need to wear a retainer to maintain the straightening of their teeth.

How much does Invisalign treatment cost and what are the payment options?

The cost of Invisalign treatment can vary depending on several factors such as the severity of the dental problem, the length of treatment. The cost can be higher or lower based on individual cases and requirements.

There are several payment options available to make Invisalign treatment more accessible and affordable, including a monthly payment plan.

How will Invisalign treatment affect my life?

Invisalign treatment can have a significant impact on your life by improving your oral health, enhancing your appearance and boosting your confidence. Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, so you can go about your daily activities with confidence, and the treatment typically takes around 12-18 months to complete. Ultimately, Invisalign can give you a healthier, more beautiful smile, and a renewed sense of confidence that can positively affect your personal and professional relationships.

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