5 Preventive Oral Health Care Treatment For Children

Healthy teeth are quite important for a child’s overall health. However, it is also a component that parents often neglect. Studies have shown that early childhood cavities are the most common disease that affects children. In addition, tooth decay can greatly impact the child’s overall health. Regular and robust visits to our pediatric dentist facilitate good dental habits to protect the child’s teeth from cavities and infections. Here are five important considerations to ensure that the child’s teeth remain healthy and disease-free.

Regular exams and cleanings

It is very easy to neglect the child’s dental care requirements. Some think that since babies only have a few teeth, they don’t require the attention that is given to an adult. However, this is a major misunderstanding. Scheduling and keeping up with dentist appointments is crucial to ensure the child’s optimal dental health. Regular exams will continuously monitor, recognize, and correct anomalies in the child’s teeth. It will also evaluate the health of teeth and provide important interventions and preventive treatments like fluorides and sealants.

Fluoride Treatments

Sometimes, even the fluoride toothpaste may not be enough to protect the child’s teeth. This is because the enamel coating of the teeth wears off with time. Fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthen the enamel, and it also serves to prevent and reverse early damage to the teeth. However, early childhood cavities can still develop despite the fluorides in water and toothpaste. Regular exams with our pediatric dentist or an orthodontist can recognize early childhood cavities and prevent further tooth decay by applying fluoride treatments.


Sealants are thin plastic coatings filled in the nooks and grooves of the child’s back molars where it is difficult to reach. Since these are the places where early cavities are most commonly found to occur, the application of sealants will prevent cavities from forming and teeth from decaying. In addition, sealants are pain-free and only take a few minutes to apply. Experts say that sealants are effective in preventing over 80% of early cavities. Usually, sealants are applied from 6 and above after baby molars start to erupt. Regular visits to our dentists at Invisalign Center in Dubai can identify the sealant requirements for the child and keep the teeth healthy.


The kind of food that the child eats is also an essential consideration for dental health. For instance, eating too much sugary foods and drinks can lead to the formation of early cavities. Therefore, the diet of the child must be healthy and balanced. Depending on the requirements of the child, the dentists can recommend diets that are suitable for healthy teeth.


The first and most important step in dental care is always brushing the teeth properly. Parents can start using soft child-size toothbrushes around the age of 1-2. Fluoride toothpaste is not advisable until the child learns to spit the toothpaste out. The child should be taught to spread the toothpaste on their teeth, gums, and tongue. Our pediatric dentist at Invisalign Center can recommend the type of toothpaste and the method of brushing.