All You Need To Know About Teeth Stains

Teeth stains or discoloration as it is otherwise known refers to spots of brown discoloration which occurs on the teeth. These are a very common dental problem which can be prevented through lifestyle changes or dental treatment. The spots may not necessarily be brown, it can vary in color from yellowish-brown to black-brown. The shapes and sizes of these stains are also highly variable; people may develop irregular blotchy patches or brown lines. 


Types of Teeth Stains


Tooth discoloration may be the result of surface stain, due to changes in the tooth material, or as an outcome of several combined factors. There are three main categories of teeth stains:

  • Extrinsic Teeth Stains refers to staining on the surface of the tooth. Stain particles, such as pigmented residues from food or drink, build up in the film of protein that covers the tooth enamel to give rise to external teeth stains. Tobacco use and regular consumption of coffee, tea, wine or cola drinks increases the chance of developing such stains. It can be prevented to a large extent by regular dental cleaning, and brushing the teeth with whitening toothpaste. 
  • Intrinsic Teeth Stains on the other hand is staining below the surface of the tooth. It occurs when the stain causing particles work through the exterior of the tooth and accumulate within the tooth enamel. Use of excessive fluoride is said to cause intrinsic stains in children. Naturally, this is more difficult to remove although it is possible. It may require bleaching using chemical teeth whitening products. 
  • Age Related Stains involve a combination of both intrinsic as well as extrinsic tooth stains. The core tissue of teeth is dentin, which turns yellow over the passage of time, causing discoloration of teeth with age. As we grow older, the enamel which covers the tooth also wears off, thinning and allowing the dentin to show through.

Causes of Teeth Stains

A major cause of teeth stains are food and drinks. Dark colored edibles contain chemicals called chromogens. For example, the tannic acid present in red wine can stain the tooth enamel. Over time, these stains become permanent and cause tooth discoloration. Smoking and chewing tobacco also results in darkening of teeth as it contains particles that stick to microscopic pores in the tooth enamel. Poor dental hygiene, such as inadequate brushing or flossing, can lead to tooth discoloration along with trauma or disease which affects enamel development. 

Treatment of Teeth Stains

For permanent or stubborn brown spots on the teeth a dentist may be able to hide discolorations, or prevent further discoloration, with white composite fillings, veneers and crowns. For removing stains on the surface of the teeth, an effective solution is zoom whitening treatment, which involves bleaching of teeth. It lightens the enamel and removes any stain caused by years of drinking coffee, taking red wine, and smoking cigarettes. 

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