Esquire’s Best Dressed 2016

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Ivan Malagon who was awarded with Esquire’s Best Dressed Award for 2016. The magazine did an in-depth interview speaking to Dr. Ivan on fashion and his dress style including favorite wardrobe items, clothing style when traveling and if it has changed as he goes through different stages of his life.

Dr. Malagon is a qualified Orthodontist from Spain, and a specialist in innovative techniques of orthodontics namely Invisalign. He has a deep passion about his work and his ultimate goal is to give our patients what they truly desire, a stunning smile!

Dr. Malagon had his education at the University of Southern Mississippi in Madrid, Spain. Upon completing his education, Dr. Ivan continued to lecture at universities around Europe providing insight into training programs on the Invisalign Technique called the ‘Clear Ortho International Excellence Master Class’ where Orthodontists from around the world visit to learn this technique.

Dr. Malagon’s professional work is an intricate work of art which combines aesthetic appearance and dental health to ensure our patients receive the highest standard of services at Invisalign Center. Dr. Ivan is continuously participating in innovation of new techniques in the field of invisible orthodontics and smile design.

We are honored to have Dr. Ivan Malagon a part of our Invisalign Center team of specialist orthodontists and congratulate him again on this award.