What to Do to Get the Most Out of Your Invisalign Treatment

The Invisalign treatment is a great choice among the latest teeth straightening treatments. Invisalign aligners are safer and easily matched to your routine when compared to conventional metal braces. The Invisalign treatment we provide is quicker and less agonizing than other orthodontic treatments available in Dubai. Once your treatment is completed, you will be able to flaunt a perfect smile like you always wanted.


However, for the best results from an Invisalign treatment, you must follow these simple rules of oral hygiene and treatment instructions every day during your treatment period.


Flossing is a must


While brushing is a part of our daily routine, the same cannot be said about flossing. While brushing can dislodge food particles and plaque from the front and back side of your teeth, flossing is absolutely necessary to reach the gaps between teeth.


During your Invisalign treatment, the majority of the time, you will be wearing clear aligners. If there is a plaque buildup between the tooth gaps, it can lead to bacteria formation and gum issues. This is why flossing is a very important routine you must follow during your treatment period.


The 22 hours rule


Invisalign treatment can only work with this rule. During your initial consultation, your doctor will tell you that you must wear the clear aligners for around 22 hours every day. Even though you feel this is a hard thing to do, a minimum of 20 to 22 hours is a must for the treatment to show the quick and effective results sought. If you fail to wear your aligners for the recommended time, your treatment will get longer and may require re-scanning and new aligners.


Aligner changes


Normally, each aligner set must be worn for one to two weeks before moving into the next set of clear aligners during an Invisalign treatment. However, it is best to listen to your dentist and the recommended time he or she suggest to change your aligners.

Each person has different dental needs, which is why the recommended interval between aligners vary. Change them according to the briefing you get from your doctor for the best treatment results.


Getting accustomed


It is normal to feel some uneasiness at the start of your Invisalign treatment. However, understand the procedure and the goal you want to achieve at the end of the treatment. The aligners work by pushing against your teeth moving them gradually to a different position as you saw in the 3D treatment plan. As the treatment progresses the sensation of the aligners pushing against your teeth is something you will hardly feel and be much more comfortable in your mouth.

For all your concerns about the Invisalign treatment, consult our experts at the Invisalign Center today. Follow these rules and instructions for the best results in the shortest time possible.