Gracious Smile: Explore The Best Way To Speed Up Your Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign treatment is the new smile makeover that gives results within six months to one year. The clear aligners are popular among every age group with their unique features like transparency and removability. However, to get optimal from your teeth straightening during a short time, you need to adapt to a few habits during your Invisalign treatment. This article discusses these methods and the best ways you can practice to speed up your Invisalign treatment.

Stick To The Clock

Not wearing your clear aligners as instructed by your doctor can slow the progression. It is recommended to wear virtually invisible aligners for a minimum of 22 hours and take them out only when eating and cleaning. Practicing this will help your teeth to straighten effectively and quickly.

Try Attachments And AcceleDent

AcceleDent is a mouthpiece that you can use to stimulate blood flow and increase the speed of teeth shifting. They can help move the jawbones faster than using clear aligners alone. Attachments or buttons are another way that can help speed the process by exerting more pressure on the teeth. However, you need to ask your orthodontist about these methods, and he/she decides whether you need these extra speeding methods.

Keep Good Oral Hygiene Practices

Practicing good oral hygiene is essential to speed up your Invisalign treatment. Inadequate brushing and flossing habits can cause bacteria to build up and lead to gum recessions, dental caries, or other types of oral infections. When this happens, your dentist needs to hold the Invisalign treatment and start treating the existing condition of your teeth. This further delays the progress of teeth straightening, and you will need extended periods to restart your treatments. Hence, daily brushing, flossing, and the use of antibacterial mouthwash need to be executed accordingly to keep good oral health.

Take Care Of Your Clear Aligners

Although you need to change your clear aligners to a new set every 2-3 weeks, it is crucial to take good care of them during use. Damages to the clear aligners can slow down the process, and you may even have to wait until you get a new pair. Cleaning your virtually invisible aligners, soaking them is essential to keep them clean and in good condition. Keep your clear aligners in the case whenever you take them out to protect them from damages or to avoid losing them.

Do Not Miss Appointments

Until completing your Invisalign treatment, you need to visit your orthodontists every 2-3 weeks to get a new set of clear aligners and check your teeth shifting progress. Missing these appointments can delay your outcome and hence ensure to visit your dentist as they recommended. If you notice any unusual problems with virtually invisible aligners or about the process, talk to your dentist immediately for a consultation.

Implementing these methods into your timeline can give speedy results from your virtually invisible aligners. It can further prevent dental infections or any other problems that occur during the middle of the progress.

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