Guide to Choosing Your Invisalign Treatment Provider in Dubai

During 2018 and for years to come, the Invisalign treatment is becoming widespread in Dubai as it provides an exciting option and an innovative solution for teeth alignment in a virtually invisible way.

If you’re considering the Invisalign treatment as a top choice for your teeth straightening, you might ask yourself how do you know if you are choosing the right Invisalign provider in Dubai? You may have done research on Invisalign but knowing which clinic to pick is also an essential decision. There are many Invisalign providers who offer their services at different levels of skill, expertise, and experience. If you’re hesitating about making the right decision, then here are some useful tips to guide you:

Know the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist in Dubai.

First of all, you have to understand the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist. While there are many dentists who offer the Invisalign treatment services, however, always remember that a dentist is a generalist doctor by education and does not possess the necessary additional specialized training as an orthodontist. Orthodontists have specialized education, experience, knowledge, and training as they spend three extra years to attain their specialization degree. Therefore, orthodontists have the right kind of experience to assess, treat, and resolve specific orthodontic concerns.

Seek someone with the right experience.

While general experience is important, it is always best to gather in-depth information on the specific experience the Invisalign treatment provider in Dubai possesses— It is common sense to assume that the more Invisalign specific cases the provider has done, his or her expertise will get better.

However, this is not always the case. If most of the cases are as straightforward, then the orthodontist may not be able to handle more complex cases. Although the Invisalign system might seem like a simple technique, it is actually not the case and the difference between an average orthodontist and an excellent one is quite big.

It is important to choose the Invisalign treatment provider with vast experience in multi-level Invisalign cases. Without specific experience, even the Invisalign specialists may have trouble providing you with the desired outcomes. You can always research on the reviews of former clients of the Invisalign provider and check for before and after photos of the patients to ensure it meets your expectations.

Always check for their credentials.

If you want to know the best orthodontist for you, then compare the orthodontists and check for their credentials. Ask yourself questions such as: How long have they been in practice? Do they have the right clinical training or is board certified? Where did they finish their training? These are a few questions that can help you come up with an informed decision. Verify through your research if an orthodontist is competent, experienced, skilled, and professional enough.

Listen to what others have to say.

When looking for an Invisalign provider, the first thing we could do is to ask the people who have become a patient. Word of mouth matters, so speak to patients who’ve gone for treatment in the past to the provider in question. When a person makes a recommendation, it can be credible, but it’s always best to visit their website to learn more about them.  

Last thing…

The last and perhaps most important is that you feel comfortable with whichever provider you select. Orthodontic treatment is not a short treatment and you will have to visit the clinic and the doctor multiple times over the course of the treatment. So make sure you also feel that you can “connect” with the clinic and the provider.