Here’s Why more than 12M People Chose Invisalign® System

It wasn’t too long ago that the traditional wires and brackets were the only options available to dental patients who wanted a perfect set of teeth. Since the arrival of Invisalign system, patients have celebrated the choice of getting a more convenient and comfortable treatment for teeth straightening. If your dental surgeon deems you a good candidate for this treatment, you can enjoy straighter and healthier teeth in as  little as  3 months with Invisalign treatment. Here’s a look at the top six benefits of Invisalign clear aligners.

It is the clear choice

Say goodbye to wires and brackets that make you feel self-conscious and say hello to Invisalign clear aligners. Is’t it just amazing to know that you can straighten your teeth with anyone hardly even noticing it? Invisalign patients attest that their aligners are barely noticed by family and friends.

They are removable

The most convenient part about Invisalign clear aligners is that you get to take them off during meal time or whenever you have to attend a special occasion. This helps you feel more confident and not self-conscious about getting the treatment.

They are easy to clean

The benefit of being able to remove your aligners makes it easier to keep them clean. Even if food particles get stuck in the aligners, you can easily take them off and clean thoroughly with warm water and soap or any non-abrasive toothpaste.

It is a comfortable solution

Aligners are smooth and comfortable. Whether you are playing an instrument or participating in contact sports, no part of your regular routine will be compromised.

Enjoy your favorite food – no restrictions

You can continue to eat and drink whatever you like. Invisalign clear aligners do not pose restrictions on food and beverages. Simply take off the aligners and enjoy your popcorn or pizza!