How Invisalign Clear Aligners Can Help With Your Child’s Changing Smile

As children start to lose their baby teeth, also known as milk teeth, some parents worry about the new set of permanent teeth coming in straight, and nicely aligned. It is common to be worried about overcrowding or gaps, depending on your family history. Invisalign clear aligners are a great option for children and teenagers that may need a bit of a corrective procedure for their smile.

What are they?

Invisalign clear aligners is a treatment that is used as an alternative to braces when facing issues with crooked teeth, spacing issues, narrow dental arches or crowding. They are customized to your teeth and the process of getting them is fairly straightforward. It starts with an in-clinic consultation with a dentist or orthodontist. A 3D iTero intraoral scan. X-rays, and photos will be gathered. These will be used to identify the problem teeth and the 3D scan will be used to create an Invisalign Treatment Outcome Simulation. The simulation allows the practitioner to show you how the treatment will work to straighten the teeth, and will show a projected outcome of the results possible for your individual case. The final plan will be designed by one of our Diamond level Invisalign providers who will create a precise ClinCheck treatment plan.

There are multiple stages in the program as the teeth are slowly adjusted. The time period and the number of aligners required differ from person to person. After the first appointment, your doctor is able to track the process remotely through the virtual care feature. Parents are required to update the Invisalign app once a week with pictures of the child’s teeth and how they have improved. Since the dental technology used for Invisalign clear aligners tracks the teeth and their movements, this makes it a great option for the quickly changing smile of a child. 

Why are they a good choice for children?

If you start to notice any issues forming with your child’s new teeth growing in, you may want to consider taking them to the Invisalign Center in Dubai. A dental specialist will be better able to guide you in making the right decisions on how to treat any dental issues your child may be facing. With that being said, it is worthwhile to inform yourself before going ahead. Here are some reasons why Invisalign clear aligners are a great option for children.