How Poor Oral Hygiene Can Lead To Serious Overall Health Problems

Maintaining good oral health is just as important as maintaining good health in other parts of the body. In fact, repercussions from not maintaining a good oral hygiene routine go far beyond just cavities and gum disease Studies have shown that there is a link between gum inflammation and Alzhimer’s disease. Other studies also show a link between untreated malocclusions and chronic back pain.

How you’re affected by bleeding gums

Your mouth is home to oral microflora, most of which are harmless. Without a good dental hygiene routine, this bacteria can build up to the point where it causes oral infections including tooth decay and gum disease.

Our doctors can treat gingivitis and its effects can be reversed. However, gingivitis can progress to periodontitis, also known as gum disease, if left untreated. Gums may separate from teeth and form pockets that are prone to infection, which hastens the deterioration of teeth and other supporting structures as the body’s immune system battles the bacterium as it spreads.

Teeth Misalignment Causes Pain

Teeth and jawbone misalignments are rather common and can cause a variety of issues. Malocclusions can cause developmental issues in children and can be caused by genetics or childhood habits. It is common in infants and young children who suck their thumbs, fingers, or use a pacifier. When your kids continue to do so after the age of three, the chance of developing crooked teeth and misaligned jawbones increases.

Developmentally, malocclusions can cause problems with the tongue, lips, cheeks, and muscle tissue, as well as with the growth and positioning of some teeth or the jawbone. Other factors include bone illness, injury, tooth loss, early loss of baby teeth, and tooth loss.

Adults can also experience changes in dental alignment, due to losses of permanent teeth or habits such as grinding.

Crooked teeth are more vulnerable to damage from things like injuries, especially in cases when the upper front teeth protrude out. The jaw joints may ache, make a clicking or popping noise, or affect the mobility your mouth or jaw can have. For example, you might not be able to open your mouth widely because of this.

Additionally, because issues with teeth alignment and positioning can affect the way your skull rests on your spine, this can cause unwanted tension on your back and contribute to pain in that area. Your posture may also be affected by this.

Teeth grinding and other compensatory movements can harm your teeth, especially the enamel. Some types of misalignment can also cause tooth decay and gum disease because it makes it more difficult to effectively clean the teeth or keep them healthy.

Prevent Further Injury

Addressing these issues head on can save you from a lot of pain and keep it from progressing into worse symptoms.

Studies have shown that the Invisalign treatment can successfully solve various types of malocclusions. It has the added bonus of being an invisible teeth straightening device, which means you can undergo the treatment with very little interference to your daily routine.

Our doctors recommend choosing the Invisalign clear aligner system for any bite or misalignment issues because the treatment is highly customized to each patient, ensuring a direct path towards a straighter and healthier smile.

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