How to Keep Your Invisalign Aligners Clear

If you have just started with Invisalign treatment, then you might find yourself in a situation where your clear aligner trays or invisible braces get stains or spots. Discoloration occurs due to improper cleaning. With proper care, you can also get properly aligned teeth without experiencing concerns such as bad breath or discoloration.

Many people have been trying out the orthodontic innovation— Invisalign is well-known for its removable aligner trays. The treatment addresses most orthodontic concerns and is the new trend in orthodontia around the world.

To know more about the treatment, continue reading through this blog to know what to expect with your aligner tray treatment and regarding the proper usage and care of the trays.

Here’s a fact: Orthodontics allows for additional bacteria.

Orthodontic treatments, in general, involve the placement of supplementary dental materials in the mouth, which makes it more prone to bacteria. As the bacteria clings to the aligners, it increases the ability to multiply.

Prevent the bacteria and plaque from building up by following these good oral health habits and proper care for your Invisalign aligners:

  •         Brush and floss your teeth regularly.
  •         Brush your teeth before putting the trays back in your mouth.
  •         Cleanse your trays daily.
  •         Do not use toothpaste to clean your trays.
  •         Soak your trays according to your dentist’s instructions.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is important for everyone, most especially for those who undergo orthodontic treatments. As the aligner trays are removable, it’s necessary to remove them during eating, drinking, and brushing.

It’s important to regularly brush and floss your teeth so you’re able to eliminate the unwanted bacteria. After all, the aligner trays can’t stay clean if they are inserted on dirty teeth. To minimize the bacteria, brush your teeth before replacing the tray.

Just as how important it is to cleanse your mouth every day, it’s also important to clean your trays daily as well. A clean set of aligner trays keep clear of bacteria, stains, and food particles.

If plaque builds up on your trays, odors and spots will appear. You can clean your trays with a soft-bristled toothbrush and rinse it with lukewarm water. Just always remember to never use toothpaste on your aligner trays as its abrasiveness can scratch, damage, and discolor the trays.

Keeping the trays clean is fairly simple, but it’s important to be particular with your cleaning if you want to maintain that non-cloudy plastic look which makes the trays transparent.

If you’re going out to eat in a restaurant, you can leave the trays at home and soak them in lukewarm water. Of course, you can also carry them with you by bringing in your carry case to keep your aligners. Remember that you must brush and floss your teeth after EVERY meal before putting the trays back in.

Some people do use a denture cleaner, Invisalign cleaning crystals or Retainer Brite to keep their trays clean. To know more about the proper care of your aligner trays, please visit The Invisalign Center in Dubai.