Planting 100 New Trees Each Month: How We Value The Importance Of Giving Back To The Community

Companies all across the world have the resources and influence to have a substantial positive impact on their communities. Participating in actions of ‘giving back’ provides significant advantages beyond the apparent benefit of helping the community, whether through supporting a local charity, voluntarily imparting skills to others, or partnering on a project.

Giving back to the community is also a great way to get to know the people in it better. Stepping out of the office and connecting with individuals on the ground can be extremely valuable. More importantly, getting involved in community projects enables you to see what the community needs.

As an organization, you are accountable for significantly more than your company. When you become socially responsible to the company and the public, you gain people’s trust, which means they will come to you first when they need your services rather than going somewhere. By contributing towards making the world a better place, your organization secures its place in the community for future generations. This level of public trust can only be acquired by being an active member of the community.

Giving Back To The Community By Planting 100 New Trees Each Month

We at Invisalign Center are committed to discovering sustainable solutions to global climate catastrophes. We are aware that catastrophes are better prevented at their root. As a result, for every new client that picks our services, we are planting a tree.

We are genuinely concerned about the planet, and as a developing company, we are committed to fulfilling our responsibility to give back to the environment we live in. Our commitment to planting a tree for every new patient enables us to achieve our goal of minimizing our collective impact on the environment one patient at a time.

We are one in pledging to plant another 100 trees in Madagascar each month in partnership with Tree Nation.

Partnering With Tree Nation

Tree-Nation is a non-profit organization that enables people and organizations across the globe to plant trees and offset their CO2 emissions. We collaborated with Tree-Nation because of their commitment to reforesting the entire planet. One of the most effective approaches to mitigating climate change is tree planting. With Tree Nation’s restoration and conservation efforts, they have helped restore forests, generate jobs, support local communities, and preserve biodiversity.

The goal of Tree-Nation is to grow one trillion trees by 2050. The 1 trillion tree milestone goal will be adequate to end the continual global loss of trees, effectively ending deforestation while ensuring the extraction of at least 250 billion tons of emitted CO2 fragments from the environment.

The objective is to present an innovative solution in the battle against climate change. Planting trees has been regarded by the scientific world as a crucial pillar in combating climate change as the cheapest, simplest, and best-understood strategy for carbon sequestration. Deforestation is also a massive contributor to climate change. And there can be no solution to climate change without addressing deforestation.

If individuals and businesses come together, the problem of climate change is mitigated. It has been our vision since day one. No matter how enormous and intimidating the challenge is, no matter how inadequate and insignificantly weak we may feel, we believe that it is our responsibility to devote all our efforts to conquering it and attempting to do so by whatever means possible.

With the help of our loyal customers and our partner – Tree Nation, we are one step toward achieving this goal. The times demand that we unite and develop innovative approaches to these global issues. All our patients who choose to get an >Invisalign treatment or >orthognathic surgery with us are also given more opportunities to participate. In addition to supporting native trees, we also participate in their planting efforts. This way, we can genuinely feel that we have made a difference in this world.