Smile And Transform Your Life

When you think of orthodontic treatments, do you conjure up an image of your mouth full of wires? Luckily, the world is constantly changing and so has dentistry. Now, there’s an incredibly easy and metal-free way to straighten crooked teeth. Instead of metal brackets, Invisalign® clear aligners are made of plastic resin making them comfortable, almost invisible and removable. What more could you want in a teeth straightening procedure?

Crooked teeth can cause a feeling of embarrassment to anyone. You may feel shy about smiling, being in photos or even talking to people for fear of ridicule or judgement. Fear of smiling actually takes away from you more than just the chance to form friendships. Research on the effects of smiling show that not only do people come out more attractive, they are actually happier and more positive about life.

Studies have also found that people who smile more have a higher level of pain tolerance compared to those who constantly frown. Smiling increases the production of HGH, a growth hormone responsible for strengthening the immune system. Who knew that the key to good health is actually in those 22 muscles that it takes to smile? Now, if you cannot smile because of crooked teeth, it is time to change your fortune.

Invisalign clear aligners help straighten crooked teeth and give you a gorgeous smile. People who were anxious and uncomfortable with their smiles before the Invisalign treatment have attested to the big difference that the procedure made. It definitely gave them plenty of reasons to smile about.

Envision the joy that a great smile can bring. Imagine finally being able to flash your teeth with confidence because they are straighter and healthier. Experiencing and enjoying these feelings of confidence and happiness is Invisalign’s goal for every patient.