Surprising Facts About Invisalign System That You Should Know About

Do you have a dental irregularity that you wish to fix? Do you know someone who has been looking for alternative dental treatments to braces? How does anyone even know what dental procedure, specifically for teeth straightening, to choose? If you ever find yourself faced with these questions, it’s your cue to head over to your nearest dental practitioner to inquire about services such as Invisalign system.

Invisalign is the world’s leading treatment in teeth straightening. Here are some top facts to show you why:

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign treatment does not require the use of metal brackets. Its system is designed to use plastic aligners perfectly fitted for your teeth. This is determined by state-of-the-art technology during a thorough assessment and consultation with your doctor.

The price for Invisalign treatment might be higher than the price of regular braces, however, this is already inclusive of the customized trays that you will need to use for the duration of the treatment (around  6 months or more depending on the severity of the case) as well as laboratory fees to ensure that every step of the way, the straightening procedure is accurate.

Almost invisible aligners are more comfortable and almost painless than traditional braces. You may feel some level of discomfort at first upon wearing them, but this discomfort will pass as soon as your teeth have taken time to adjust.

The biggest advantage is that nearly invisible aligners are removable allowing you to enjoy your meals without constraints. Thus, you can eat and drink whatever you like.

Invisalign clear aligners control the way teeth shift to its correct position. Each time a tray is put in, which is every week or once every two weeks, only certain teeth will shift. This shift is mapped out in the initial personal treatment plan phase as determined by the orthodontist.

Some patients may require retainers for a few months to ensure the shifted teeth stay firmly in place and do not move around again. With pressure from biting and chewing teeth can move around at will. Retainers will help avoid that.

Invisalign aligners are changed every week or as per prescription of your treating doctor.