Surprising Facts On Invisalign You Did Not Know About

Do you need braces? Does someone you care about need to correct dental irregularities? You may have heard of Invisalign and are probably curious about it. There are common questions about Invisalign. Will this treatment meet my requirements? Will it be painless and can I eat anything I want?  These are perfectly normal questions to be concerned about. Invisalign aligners are excellent orthodontic tools, but you have to determine in conjunction with your Invisalign provider if this is the best treatment method for your teeth’s condition.

Let’s look at some top facts on Invisalign aligners.

Nearly invisible aligners are more comfortable and less painful than regular braces. You may feel some level of discomfort at first upon wearing them. It’s normal, as your teeth are adjusting. The discomfort will soon pass, as aligners are designed to be smooth and devoid of pain.

The biggest advantage is that aligners are removable allowing you to enjoy your meals without constraints. Thus, you can eat and drink whatever you like.

Invisalign aligners have no metal wires or brackets. This eliminates the need for regular adjustments or visits to the Invisalign provider’s office.

Invisalign aligners control the way teeth shift to its correct position. Each time a tray is put in, only certain teeth will shift. This shift is mapped out in the initial personal treatment plan phase as determined by the orthodontist.

Most of the patients require retainers for a few months to ensure the shifted teeth stay firmly in place and do not move around again. With pressure from biting and chewing teeth can move around. Retainers will help to avoid that.

In very rare cases, Invisalign’s technology might not be the best option for complex orthodontic cases. These cases may require other forms of treatment.