The Importance of Cleaning Your Aligners

Just as brushing your teeth and regularly flossing is, cleaning your Invisalign trays and actually knowing how to do it right is vital for optimal oral health. Although they are meant to be disposed of every couple of weeks, keeping it clean while practicing good oral hygiene will not only maintain its transparent color, but it will also prevent the spread of bacteria in your mouth.

Germs in Your Mouth

To better understand the importance of cleaning your aligners, it would be a good start to understand the three main types of germs that can thrive in the warm, wet environment of your mouth and their possible side effects.


  • Bacteria


Studies show that you may have more than 700 species of bacteria in your mouth. Although it is normal for them to thrive, not practicing proper oral hygiene may cause them to build-up on your teeth, forming a thin layer of plaque that can lead to many oral health problems over the long term.


  • Fungi


More than 100 identified fungi species can generally be found in your mouth. Although most of them are harmless, they can lead to oral candidiasis when they multiply in large numbers, causing soreness, pain when swallowing, or worse, loss of taste.


  • Viruses


There are viruses that can be transmitted through the mouth, such as herpes, hepatitis, and HPV. Given that they can be adverse not only on your oral hygiene, but also on your overall health, one must regularly practice mouth care in order to keep these viruses in minimal numbers.

Why Keep Your Aligners Clean?


  • Avoid Tooth Decay and Gum Disease


Practicing overall oral care in your mouth and with your aligners is vital during your Invisalign treatment to prevent food particles from accumulating in the spaces between your teeth and on the Invisalign itself. This will avoid bacteria from feeding on the food debris, thereby keeping plaque, the causes of many oral issues such as tooth decay and gum disease, from forming.


  • Prevent Bad Breath


Removable dental appliances collect plaque and tartar from your mouth as you wear them. Without regularly cleaning them, they may become a source of odor-causing bacteria that will lead to bad breath. To avoid this, do not wait for your Invisalign to start smelling and practice regular daily cleaning as soon as you have them in order to keep them visibly clean.


  • Maintain Invisibility


Many factors, such as dark and sugary food, and even your saliva, can cause your Invisalign to discolor if not properly rinsed out and cleaned. When this happens, the invisibility and transparency of your aligners will be compromised, making them suddenly noticeable. Avoid this by regularly washing your Invisalign just as you brush your teeth. Alongside make sure that you follow the instructions of your orthodontist  as to its proper care and maintenance.

The Bottomline

You can keep the three main types of germs from causing problems in your mouth when you make sure to regularly practice oral care and constantly keep your aligners clean.  Reach out to the best orthodontists in Dubai through Invisalign Center to start with a reliable Invisalign treatment and aftercare in no time.