The Importance Of Having Expert Invisalign Doctors In Providing The Best Quality Of Dental Care

We often decide which type of doctor or specialist to consult for a diagnosis or dental treatment. When looking for a doctor in any profession, you must choose the one who specializes in your area of need. That’s how you secure the best possible outcome for your treatment.

But it is also crucial to note that in terms of dental care, there is a significant difference in how dentists and orthodontists treat their patients. To be exact, every orthodontist is also a dentist, but not every dentist is an orthodontist. Orthodontists concentrate on reshaping and accurately aligning the teeth and jaw to produce healthy, functioning smiles. On the other hand, dentists focus on the necessary continuing care, cleaning, and repairing teeth and gums.

Before looking for a dental care expert, you should assess what treatment you need. It is also crucial to differentiate the core functionalities between a dentist and an orthodontist in achieving your desired dental care. Although the best dentists and orthodontists collaborate to preserve your teeth, when it comes to their specialization, orthodontists have an edge in Invisalign treatment and teeth straightening.

Meet Our Expert Invisalign Doctors In Providing You With The Best Quality Dental Care

Here at Invisalign Center, we have a group of highly qualified, experienced, and internationally recognized best orthodontists and Invisalign experts. We are constantly expanding and evolving, not just with our top-notch dental tools. But, most importantly, with having seasoned Invisalign experts in the industry.

We acknowledge that aside from providing our clients with a customized selection of tools and techniques and providing up-to-date customizable dental treatments tailored to our patient’s conditions, there is no greater solution than having the best expert Invisalign specialists onboard.

Meet the new addition of expert Invisalign doctors here at Invisalign Center:

Dr. Laura Nogues

Dr. Laura is a board-certified orthodontist with ten years of experience. She attended the International University of Catalonia (UIC) in Barcelona and earned a master’s degree from San Pablo CEU University in Madrid.

Dr. Laura has worked in some of Barcelona’s most prominent clinics using various orthodontic treatments, particularly the Invisalign system. Dr. Laura also has two additional post-graduate diploma qualifications, one in surgical procedures and the other in prosthetics, which allows her to see the processes from a broader perspective. The key to her treatment accomplishments is providing customized care to her patients. In addition to delivering the most up-to-date medical understanding, she always employs cutting-edge tactics because of her participation in numerous courses and conferences.

Dr. Esra Guzeldemir, DDS, PhD

Dr. Esra is a periodontist with 24 years of clinical practice and a full-time professor in Turkey. She got her DDS degree in 1998 from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey, and her Ph.D. in 2005 from Ankara University in Ankara, Turkey. Dr. Esra founded Kocaeli University’s Department of Periodontology. And between 2010 and 2022, she also held numerous administrative roles at Kocaeli University’s Faculty of Dentistry and the President’s Office.

Dr. Esra Guzeldemir is a co-author of four periodontology and endodontics books that have been published in Turkish and English. She has also worked as an editor and translator for a periodontics book and co-translator for another. She has over 50 highly referenced works in peer-reviewed journals and has given over 80 lectures at national and international conventions.

Her clinical interests include aesthetic smiles, gingival recession, gum disease treatment, and gingival maintenance around implant materials. Her research interests include periodontal disease genetics, the link between periodontal disorders and systemic health, and research on patients’ oral health-related quality of life.

Dr. Duaa Mustafa MClinDen MSc PhD(Lon) MRCS(Ed)

Dr. Duaa is an Emirati Consultant Paediatric Dentist and Conscious Sedation Specialist. Dr. Duaa graduated from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1998 and went on to complete her BDS training at the University of Illinois / Chicago and Nova University / Miami-Florida in the United States.

She worked as a Clinical Lecturer/Honorary SpR at King’s College London’s Department of Paediatric Dentistry. Her Specialist Training in Paediatric Dentistry, MClinDent, and Doctorate of Philosophy, Ph.D., was obtained at the University of London / UK. She is also an Edinburgh Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, MRCS Ed. and is officially licensed in the United Kingdom GDC No. 186978.

Her post-graduate thesis was on Dental Disease Indices in Children with Craniosynostosis, and her Ph.D. was a Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial on the Durability of Dental Materials Placed in Children. It was conducted in collaboration with the University College London in the United Kingdom and Community dental services in the United Arab Emirates.

When deciding on enhancing your smile and maintaining your oral health, it’s necessary to assess an orthodontist’s expertise. Make sure to determine if your physician is a certified professional in orthodontics. Many doctors can provide Invisalign treatment, but only a few have the specialized skills needed to handle more complicated cases. Invisalign treatment necessitates knowledge and experience, which you will obtain from our Invisalign experts here. The success rate of the Invisalign Technique affirms its capability of how we were able to treat most dental problems throughout our journey.