What Are Clear Aligners And Why Do They Work So Well?

What Are Clear Aligners?


Clear aligners are transparent teeth alignment devices used to correct misalignment. They are similar to braces in function but more convenient as they are removable and help you achieve straight teeth discreetly. Being less noticeable than traditional braces, it offers many advantages to those who do not want to deal with any disruptions in their life. 


These invisible dental braces or clear aligners are better than the wire-and-bracket aligners which are generally used, as it does not interfere with your diet. You can continue to eat, and enjoy all your preferred food items, brush, and floss the same way after taking them off temporarily. You also do not have to be conscious of the metallic smile, and smile widely while your clear aligners work to get your teeth realigned. Beyond a confident and beautiful smile, having properly aligned teeth reduces your risk of excessive tooth wear. It also makes removal of plaque, the accumulation of which can lead to gum diseases and tooth decay, from your teeth easier.


Clear aligners are just as effective as the traditional braces. It can correct bite problems including overbite, underbite, open bite and crossbite. It can correct gap teeths and crowded teeths. Some research even indicates that they are more effective. Moreover, these nearly invisible braces approach is most suitable for social and active lifestyles, particularly among self-conscious teenagers and adults as they are hardly distinguishable. They are also easy to clean and maintain. 


How Do They Work?


If you choose these clear teeth aligners for straightening your teeth, your orthodontist will begin with a dental scan, following which it will be used to design your custom dental aligners. In some cases, if deemed necessary, your doctor may also fit clear attachments on your teeth to join with aligners, also providing more support to move your teeth into the desired position. These attachment functions serve the same function as the brackets in the traditional dental braces. However, unlike metallic brackets, the attachments used are tooth colored, making them inconspicuous. 


Specific aligners are attached to specific teeth so as to help the trays engage onto the teeth, and help move them to their correct positions. The patients are given a series of trays, each of which lasts a week or two, and are to be worn for 22-24 hours a day. These trays gradually move the teeth, and should only be removed while eating and drinking. Each trays are designed to move the teeth a few millimeters, and typically takes 6-12 months to achieve final results. A patient may require as many as 25 trays, for a 25 week treatment.


After the clear aligners have realigned the teeth, patients must continue to wear a retainer in order to prevent the teeth from shifting back to their original location. Retainers are an important part of teeth straightening treatment, and it must be strictly followed to ensure that the results of the clear aligner treatment is sustained. 

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