A Whole New Dental Experience With Digitalised Invisalign System

Dentistry techniques and devices continue to progress over years. Today, even dentistry is keeping up with the digital technology trends and is changing the way dentists treat patients, improving outcomes and enhancing the experience. In the past, dentistry is likely associated with pain, fear, and inconvenience. However, with the digital dental techniques being utilised in routine practice, it builds a different image on how people perceive dentistry.

The impact of the digital scene is apparent with the cutting-edge technologies used by dentists and orthodontists in Dubai to serve patients better and help them achieve more effective results.

One of the most important reasons why people opt to visit an orthodontist in Dubai is regarding aesthetic purposes. People want to improve their looks with an enhanced smile. For some, a great smile has helped them land on their ideal job, close a sale deal, and even encourage others.

The American Academy of Orthodontics conducted a research on adults who have had orthodontic treatments. It’s found that 75 percent of the participants of the study has noticed a positive outcome of the improved smile on both their personal and professional life.

More people are understanding the importance of investing in orthodontic treatments as it may help them look younger and feel more confident in themselves.

The digital dentistry trend is growing strong roots in the UAE and the wider region. The dentistry manufacturing process is also transforming by offering promising custom-made dental solutions that are suited to the patient’s individual needs.

With the current focus on the UAE, especially Dubai, the 3D printing adoption and utilisation is a natural progression and can gain even wider acceptance in the years to come. One of the dental procedures that have successfully adopted digitalisation is the Invisalign system, which proves to be an innovation to the dental industry.

Digitalisation has changed the 3Ds in dentistry which are Data, Diagnosing, & Dental Treatment.


Today, all patient information is stored digitally which allows to easily notify patients when check-ups are due and or regarding reminders appointment schedules.

Dentists record every appointment with patients, keep track of treatment descriptions and archive X-ray images to digital impressions and 3D scans. Having this information available at a click of a button allows for better and faster dental care.


With the use of digital camera and digital X-rays, and with more advanced clinics benefitting from CBCT scanners, digital intra-oral scanners (removing the need for impressions) and 3D printers or mills allow for more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans for patients.

Dental Treatment

Dental impressions will soon be a thing of the past as dental clinics move towards intra-oral 3D scanners as this provides a quicker and more accurate solution. It’s important to be up-to-date with modern advancements nowadays as dental procedures should focus on scaling up their technologies to stay relevant in the era of fast-paced changes.