Zoom Whitening Treatment: A Gift Of A Brighter Smile

Teeth whitening treatment is a process that lightens the colour of your teeth and improves your appearance. If your teeth have stains and discolourations, the Zoom Teeth Whitening process might be suitable for you. With the help of this treatment, you can have a bright and confident smile. Below, we have shared the essential information regarding zoom teeth whitening.

How does it work?

The treatment uses bleaching agents and hydrogen peroxide for the whitening of teeth. An oxidation reaction takes place that removes the stains from your teeth in this process. However, this requires a particular dental instrument that activates the gel solution of the bleaching agent and hydrogen peroxide.

First, your lips and gums are covered with a protective cover, leaving only your teeth visible. Then, our dentist will apply a whitening gel to your teeth and let it leave for 15 minutes. Next, a special lamp is utilized in conjunction with the hydrogen peroxide and Zoom whitening gel to eliminate stains from your teeth. Every 15 minutes, more gel is applied to your teeth. It takes roughly 45 minutes to complete the operation.

Some people have to take a few sessions to get the whitening color of their choice, depending on the condition of their teeth. After the teeth have been whitened, a separate gel is applied to reduce sensitivity. But after these treatments, teeth are more susceptible to staining as compared to earlier. Therefore, these patients should avoid the foods and drinks that stain their teeth.

To retain brightness, the dentist may also prescribe at-home whitening kits. It doesn’t matter which kind of whitening is used; it won’t persist indefinitely. Every six months, most patients require whitening therapy to maintain their results.

Exclusions from whitening treatments

The treatment does not whiten the fillings and crowns. Simply, it only impacts the enamel of the teeth. Therefore, it is more recommended to get the treatment before filling or placing a crown.

The Benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening

  • Safe

Zoom tooth whitening is extremely effective while remaining completely safe. While the treatment is proceeding, there is no risk of harming the gums, teeth, or soft tissues. As the dentist takes the required steps, it ensures that your mouth is completely safe.

  • Effective

Zoom whitening is a gift! It gives you beautiful white teeth, which boosts your confidence and makes life more joyful. The treatment can whiten teeth by up to eight shades within a concise period. You may also be given a whitening tray to use at home to guarantee that your teeth achieve the desired shade.

  • Fast

It is one of the fastest techniques of dental cosmetology. Even within 45 minutes to one hour, you will be gifted with a bright smile as a result of the treatment.

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