Zoom Whitening Treatment: Aftercare Tips To Maintain Results

Zoom whitening is a popular bleaching process used to lighten the discolouration of enamel and teeth. The discolouration may occur due to various causes, from drinking coffee to smoking. Aging can also stain and darken the teeth. Zoom procedure uses specialised techniques to accelerate the lightening of the enamel without modifying the structure of the tooth. The zoom teeth whitening treatment effectively brings about rapid and safe results and reduces the yellowing of the teeth. With rapid changes such as these, the procedure naturally has a few requirements for aftercare. Here are some points to keep in mind after the procedure. 

Maintaining Results

It is only natural that over time, the effect of the zoom whitening treatment will start to fade. After the initial procedure, our dentist will provide custom-fitted trays and other solutions as required. These should be used as prescribed. These take-home whitening techniques usually help maintain results for a more extended time, after which the procedure has to be taken again. Certain categories of foods and beverages, along with tobacco, should be strictly avoided. Temporary spotting (discolouration) is common during the first few hours after the treatment. If it persists, the dentist’s attention might be required. Brushing the teeth with sensitive toothpaste such as Sensodyne or Fluoridex for a few weeks after the procedure is also recommended by many doctors.

How to Handle Pain

While extreme irritation and pain are uncommon, some patients experience heightened sensitivity and pain from whitening procedures. This discomfort could manifest as annoying tingling sensations, usually called ‘zingers’ on the teeth. Usually, these occurrences of discomfort subside within 24 hours of the procedure. If the pain or discomfort does not go away after a prolonged period of time, it is advised that the patient immediately seek medical attention from the dentist. Our dentist may prescribe anti-inflammatory medicines or anti-sensitivity gels to minimize discomfort. It should be emphasized that the teeth whitening procedure is safe and painless for most people. Following the instructions given by our doctor and proper use of aftercare gels and medications are essential.

Preventing Stains

The teeth are sensitive and susceptible to more stains for up to 48 hours after the zoom teeth whitening treatment. Therefore, it is important to take careful consideration of food and beverages consumed for the first few days after the procedure so that stains aren’t developed. To prevent premature discoloration, it is suggested that dark-colored beverages and edibles, including soda, coffee, berries, etc., are not consumed. If necessary, one may carefully use a straw to consume these so that they don’t come into contact with the newly lightened teeth. In addition, many dentists recommend maintaining a carefully assorted “white diet” that includes clear beverages and foods such as milk and bananas so that stains are not developed. Tobacco also puts the teeth at significant risk of developing stains, so smoking cigarettes should, as a rule, be avoided. 

Regular appointments and visits to the dentist are crucial and time-tested ways to keep the teeth healthy and shining. Besides whitening procedures, comprehensive dental hygiene may also require periodic realignment of the teeth. Contact us at Invisalign Center in Dubai; we specialize in bringing back those pearly white smiles.