Zoom Whitening Treatment: What Are The Crucial Steps Included In The Treatment?

A beautiful set of pearl white teeth is the dream of everyone. Stains on teeth can be often seen with food consumption and may not be eliminated with home brushing methods. Zoom whitening treatments are one of the popular teeth whitening procedures that are performed in the dental clinic. This article discusses the crucial steps included in the treatment for your reference.

Scheduling An Appointment with your dentists

If you are looking forward to a Zoom teeth whitening treatment, you need to visit your dentists for a comprehensive oral examination. This will help to identify whether you are eligible to undergo the process. Your dentists will inquire about your oral health history, tooth sensitivity, and gum diseases before selecting you as a candidate for the procedure.

The Zoom Process

Before the teeth whitening treatment, it is best recommended to undergo a regular dental cleaning for a comprehensive cleaning experience. This can prepare your teeth for more effective results from your whitening process.

Your dentist will prepare you for the whitening by covering your lips and gums and leaving your teeth exposed. The Zoom whitening gel will be applied afterward, which contains hydrogen peroxide. When combined with the LED light, the gel gets oxidized and lifts the tooth stain.

The gel will have remained in place for fifteen minutes with light activation. The process goes for forty-five minutes, where three sessions will take place, and more whitening gel will be placed on your teeth with each of them.

You can keep yourself calm and relaxed by listening to music during this session, making yourself more comfortable throughout the process. Once you have completed the third round, a special fluoride gel will be applied to your teeth. This step is followed to reduce tooth sensitivity.

When your teeth’ nerves react to the teeth whitening process, you may experience a “zinger,” a brief flash of pain. You may require taking pain relievers as they have chances to continue even after leaving the dental clinic.

You can also tell the dentist if you experience too much discomfort or intolerable pain, and the process will be stopped immediately. This is a reason behind not recommending the whitening process for people with more sensitive teeth.

After Care

Once your whitening treatment is completed, you will be given a kit that contains whitening trays to use at home. This will help you to have touch-ups and maintain your newly gained smile. You are also required to stay away from stain-causing food and beverages to hold the teeth whiteness.

Apart from these, you need to carry out oral hygiene practices such as daily brushing and flossing practices and eliminate harmful bacteria that can cause dental diseases. It is best recommended to visit the dental clinic every six months for a comprehensive oral examination and professional cleaning process.

If you want to brighten your smile with the Zoom whitening treatment, visit us at the Invisalign Center in Dubai for a life-changing whitening process. Our dentistry professionals are happy to help with all your dental concerns.