5 Facts You Wished You Knew About The Invisalign Treatment Earlier

To get that beautiful smile, receiving a dental braces treatment will be the orthodontist’s advice when you have a crooked set of teeth. However, there are moments where we wished we knew about Invisalign’s “almost invisible braces”, instead of getting the traditional braces.


Consumption of hard foods can be a problem when you have braces as it might damage the wires. Adjusting one’s eating pattern is not an easy task. There are also particular foods that you’ll have to avoid as they might tangle in your braces, which you’ll spend an ample amount of time removing.


The sight of metallic braces on your teeth can be unappealing to the camera. On special occasions when you’ll have to stand in front of the camera and show a wide smile by showing your teeth, Invisalign aligners can help go through that moment as the aligners are removable unlike with the traditional braces.


There are several job positions that make it very hard and uncomfortable (at times are simply not allowed at all) because braces are not deemed to be presentable. There’s no need for that kind of dilemma when you use Invisalign which makes you look much better for your job.


Another disadvantage to getting braces is how much pain one must deal with. As Invisalign aligners are removable and do not involve metallic wires, it is almost pain-free but is as effective as its alternative.


Lastly, maintenance of braces can consume much of your time and effort. Setting an appointment with your orthodontist in Dubai requires an allotted schedule, and there are times when your workload wouldn’t permit it. The Invisalign treatment in Dubai provides a more convenient option to achieve straightened teeth if you commit yourself to place the aligners over your teeth for at least 20-22 hours every day.

Even if you wish you could’ve known about the Invisalign treatment earlier, it’s not too late to familiarize yourself with the process. Embrace the alternative to braces and embark on your journey to having a perfect smile with us now.