5 Tips To Help Your Kids Overcome Dental Phobia

What is dentophobia

Dentophobobia, the feeling of fear or anxiety associated with seeing a dentist, is actually very common among children. This fear can often lead to a child deliberately avoiding dentist visits and treatments, leading to health issues down the road. 

A study conducted on 250 kids aged 10-14 years old found that around 42% experienced ‘dental fear.’ 

Ways to overcome

The same study concluded that the dental fear these children felt decreased when the children grew older and had more experience with dentists. Children were less anxious about dental visits when they had experiences with dental treatments. 

While it may seem that having frequent dental visits may be the answer, the feelings of uneasiness and anxiety during the first few visits still need to be addressed. 

Find a pediatric dentist

Pediatric dentists in Dubai are committed to building a setting where your child can receive dental examinations and treatment while feeling safe and secure. They place a strong emphasis on educating your child and helping them establish lifelong healthy habits. 

Because they specialize in treating children, they have additional training and expertise in children’s behavior and health.

Start them young

It’s best if a child sees the dentist as soon as possible. This will give your child a “dental home” where all of their needs, whether they are for routine preventative care or an emergency, will be met.

Talk to your children

If your child has never visited the dentist before, explain what to expect to them. However, be careful with your choice of words because they have a big impact on kids.

Keep it simple. The terms “hurt,” “pain,” and “fear” can give them a negative impression. Instead use optimistic words, such as “clean” or “healthy.” Additionally, the dental staff might be familiar with words that help children keep calm.

When talking to your kids dentist visits, keep your details brief, especially the first time. Revealing too much about a certain procedure might give them more things to concern themselves over and cause them to have greater anxiety.


Playing “make believe” with your kids is actually more beneficial than you think. You can use play time to your advantage and create scenarios with your child as the dentist and the patient before their first dental appointment. A toothbrush is all that is required. 

Try to refrain from overwhelming your kids with more complicated dental “instruments” or making drilling noises. Hold up a mirror and demonstrate how the dentist might examine and check their teeth in front of them. With the help of dolls and plushies, let your child pretend to brush their patients’ teeth. The goal is to familiarize them with the routine so they feel more at ease during the actual visit.

Emphasize the importance of good oral hygiene

Teach your child that going to the dentist is something they must do, not something they should choose to do, and that a dentist’s job is to take care of their teeth and make sure they’re strong enough for them to eat with. You can also mention how the dentist works to prevent any dental problems and make sure their clients have a healthy set of teeth and a beautiful smile to last a lifetime. 

When parents project a no-nonsense attitude about the dentist to their kids, this sets a tone for what children should anticipate to achieve outstanding oral health. 

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