Can A Straighter Smile Improve Your Career?

The first thing a potential employer knows you by is your resume/CV, and most likely it is very impressive; But, would you be able to impress them the same way by your appearance? Are your teeth in good shape for the meeting? If not, the sad truth is, it might impact the outcome of a job interview. Because most people with less than a nice smile tend to smile less, or hide their smile, you might come off as a stand-offish person who won’t work well with others and might just lose out on a good job because the other applicant had a great smile and was not afraid to show it off – thus appearing more relaxed, inclusive, easy going and real.

As much as hard-earned qualifications matter, in the professional world so does your appearance – whether we like it or not. And one significant factor to having a good appearance is your smile. It is one of the first things that people tend to notice about you. If you have gaps or crooked teeth you will feel self conscious and try to hide your smile. This won’t go down well in an interview. The more you smile the more confident you will appear. Not smiling is not likely to be helpful in getting you the job you want.
If you look at before and after photos of smile makeovers, you will notice that an attractive smile makes a person look smarter. Looking younger makes you more valuable to an employer. Crooked teeth will distort your entire appearance. Employers prefer people who look younger and more vibrant. Enhance your smile with The Invisalign treatment so that you can make a good impression in your professional life.

A straighter smile will make you more confident and opens the door to being less self-conscious and thus more open, free, articulate, funny, easy going and natural. When you have unattractive teeth it will make it hard for people to focus on what you are saying.

The truth is that looks do matter! We all like to look at someone who is more attractive versus someone who is less. This is particularly important in the professional world. Appearance affects your professional, personal and social life. So start with improving your teeth with the Invisalign Treatments almost invisible aligners, to step up that professional ladder.