Critical Information: What To Do If Your Child Has A Traumatic Dental Injury?

Traumatic dental injuries are widely prevalent among school-going children. Due to the nature of activities in school and the generally more active lifestyle children lead, injuries to the gum and teeth are common. While not all injuries may require a visit to the pediatric dentist, some need urgent care by a professional to save the tooth and reduce complications. This article will explore the things you need to do if you notice this injury.

What are traumatic dental injuries?

Also known as dental trauma, it is the name given to damage to the teeth or areas surrounding it. It is typically caused by impact to the mouth, resulting in bleeding of the gums, laceration of the lip, and loose, cracked or lost teeth. Injuries to the jaw are rare but can occur depending on the extent of the impact. 

How can you treat these injuries?

Dental traumas can cause much pain, swelling, and bleeding; hence, it can be a frightening experience for you and your child. However, you must treat the injury immediately. We will explore what to do below.

Control the bleeding

The first thing to do is control the bleeding if there is any. Blood loss can result in feelings of dizziness. It can also make it challenging to assess the extent of damage and decide on the appropriate treatment. Hence, you need to control the bleeding. First, apply pressure to the area with a cold, wet gauze. If your child is able to follow instructions, then tell them to bite down on the gauze to stop the blood flow.

Reduce the swelling

Although swelling is unavoidable, you should try to reduce it as much as possible so that the injury can heal. For example, you can keep ice wrapped in a cloth to the cheek or over your child’s lips. If possible, you could let them suck on an ice cube to reduce the swelling further.

Give painkillers

Dental injuries can be excruciating, so you need to take measures to manage the pain. Painkillers can help; however, our best orthodontist recommends only using child-friendly ones such as paracetamol and ibuprofen. As the pain subsides, your child will become calm, and you can leave their side to call the dentist if needed or handle other chores. 

Call the dentist

Once your child has calmed down, assess the extent of damage and call our dentist. They will help guide you on the rest of the measures to take. Further treatment for some injuries, like a loose baby tooth, will be unnecessary as the tooth will fall naturally and be replaced by a permanent one. However, if the latter is damaged, your child will need a thorough examination at the clinic to see if they require a dental crown or veneer. Lacerations to the gum or lips will also require antibiotics and ointments to reduce inflammation and infection. 

Traumatic dental injuries are easy to manage if you pay attention to the above. Even if treatment is deemed unnecessary initially, if you notice any additional symptoms such as discolouration, pain or pus, you have to visit the dentist immediately. For further information on approaching your child’s dental trauma, contact us at Invisalign Center in Dubai.