How Can You Maintain Your Oral Health During The Invisalign Treatment?

Once you have decided to fix your dental malocclusions with Invisalign treatment, you are required to pay attention to your dental hygiene for successful outcomes. Oral health plays a crucial role during the Invisalign treatment, as dental problems in the middle can hold the procedure. Hence, this article will delve into how you can maintain your oral health during the Invisalign treatment.

Brush After Every Meal

Brushing is recommended after every meal to prevent bacterial accumulation in your mouth. After meals, food and debris are present in teeth, and if you wear your clear aligner right after eating, the particles can trap in between the teeth and clear aligner.

Wearing your clear aligners with the left food particles can cause bacterial production and lead to caries and gum diseases. This can hold your treatment where your orthodontist may need to address the dental issue before resuming the ongoing process. Brushing your teeth is essential after meals to avoid the condition. You can also opt for whitening toothpaste during this timeline as it can give you advanced effects with the ongoing treatment.

Floss Daily

Our teeth consist of 5 sides, up, left, right, front, and back consecutively. A comprehensive cleaning requires touching all these places. However, a toothbrush cannot get the job done by itself, as it cannot reach every area of your mouth.

Flossing helps to get rid of the smallest contaminants trapped between teeth and involves a complete cleaning process. Orthodontists suggest regular flossing to eliminate all these tiny particles and stains that can cause problems to your oral health.

Clean Your Clear Aligners

Cleaning your clear aligners is essential as cleaning your mouth to prevent bacterial damages. You can use antibacterial soap of Invisalign solutions to clean your trays and keep them free from microbes and stains. You can use a toothbrush with soft bristles when cleaning to get rid of the tiny particles.

You are also required to soak your clear aligners for 20 minutes daily. You can use Invisalign crystals or get used to the special Invisalign kit from your doctor. Soaking can help to prevent foul odors from your virtually invisible aligners which can cause halitosis or bad breath conditions.

Regular Visits To The Dental Clinic

Throughout your treatment and even afterward, having regular visits to the dental clinic can keep you away from oral diseases. Once you visit the clinic, your dentist will have a comprehensive oral examination and ensure your teeth are safe and up keeping with the progress.

For certain individuals, dental hygiene practices at home may not be sufficient and require professional cleaning at the clinic. The regular appointments will help get these done and have effective communication throughout, ensuring your Invisalign treatment is going on the right track.

Make sure to practice these steps to maintain your oral hygiene for a successful Invisalign treatment. You can get more tips on cleaning and maintenance at Invisalign Center in Dubai. Our professionals are happy to help in enhancing your smile for perfection. Contact us now to get more details on our Invisalign process.