Invisalign Treatment: Embrace The Revolutionary

There are plenty of reasons to seek orthodontic treatment and consult with an orthodontist in Dubai. Straighter teeth are seen as healthier and more attractive while being easier to clean. However, for some people, the idea of wearing metallic braces for several months (or even years) can be overwhelming. If you want to have straighter teeth without the discomfort of metallic braces on your mouth, then it’s time to see The Invisalign Center in Dubai and discover the unique benefits of the revolutionary teeth braces, known as the Invisalign treatment.

How Invisalign treatment is different?

You probably know what traditional braces look like. No doubt, you’ve seen it everywhere—teens or adults wearing them. The metal brackets connected by thick wires are obvious even at a glance. However, have you ever seen anyone wearing Invisalign aligners? Well, you might have, but you probably didn’t notice— which is the greatest benefit you could get to this innovative orthodontic treatment.

This means that the Invisalign aligners are metal-free! Instead, these teeth braces are composed of crystal clear, nonallergenic resin. The treatment won’t involve attaching brackets to the teeth. The Invisalign aligners are not just about its different materials, but it also features a different design. The Invisalign treatment aims to straighten your teeth with removable aligners, no metallic brackets needed!

One of the biggest disadvantages to wearing traditional braces is that there are food restrictions as it might damage your brackets. There are certain food to avoid when you’re wearing metallic braces because the food residues might get stuck in your teeth. With Invisalign aligners, you can eat what you want, when you want. The aligners are easily removed during meal times, for hassle-free dining!

Always remember to take care of your teeth while straightening them. Cleaning around brackets is tough, to say the least. Many patients who are not able to effectively brush and floss, are left with decay or white spots when the braces come off. With Invisalign aligners, you clean your teeth easily and thoroughly after each meal, before putting back the aligners in your mouth.

What isn’t different?

The Invisalign treatment is a completely innovative approach to orthodontic correction or providing teeth braces. The Invisalign aligners are clear and lightweight that makes it comfortable and conveniently removable. Yet, it still has some features or points the same as with traditional braces.

The Invisalign aligners are not just for cosmetic correction as it is ideal for its invisibility. In fact, it can address the same types of malocclusion that traditional metal braces can.

The timeframe for the orthodontic treatment will vary. For some people, Invisalign treatment might take a little longer or a little faster than getting traditional metallic braces, but the difference is not likely to be significant.

The Invisalign treatment offers a unique way to provide orthodontic solutions for people who are looking into improving their smiles. Embrace its idea and concept today!