The Journey To Achieving The Perfect Smile

Have you ever wondered what cosmetic dentistry is all about? You’ve probably heard the term being used plenty of times in conjunction with various dental procedures and treatment plans. Cosmetic dentistry is the process of improving the teeth to improve one’s looks.

A flawless and bright smile will make every penny spent worthwhile as it gives you extra confidence to enhance your life. Research indicates the more you smile the happier you feel, and what better way to light up the world than with a celebrity-style grin.

The benefits of cosmetic dentistry are life-changing. One of the most popular procedures in this field is Invisalign system.

Like with any treatment, making the decision to go with Invisalign treatment must be well-researched and discussed with your dentist in Dubai. Finding a dentist you trust and one who can walk you through the process efficiently is very important. There’s no better place to find them than at the Invisalign Center Dubai.

Once you have set up an appointment, the first consultation is usually offered free of charge. The initial consultation will help your dentist determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Invisalign system is useful in treating under bites, overbites, gaps, and even crowding. However, the viability of the treatment differs from case to case. For severe cases, your dentist in Dubai may recommend an alternative form of dental treatment. Make sure to ask questions and listen to your dentist about the pros and cons of Invisalign treatment.

Once you and your dentist have agreed to go through with the treatment, a customized plan will be created to address your concerns. The process starts with the dentist taking digital x-rays and photographs to create molded impressions of your teeth. These will be used to create a digital road map for your teeth’s alignment. Using the latest software in 3D imaging, the dentist will show you how your teeth will shift over time and how it will appear weeks and months from now. The duration of the treatment varies from patient to patient.

Invisalign clear aligners must be worn for up to 22 hours a day. You can take it off when it is time to eat your meals or brush your teeth. You will need to visit your dental clinic once every 6 weeks as part of your treatment. The dentist can monitor the process and modify if needed.

As with any orthodontic treatment, there is a risk your teeth will revert back to its original position. Don’t worry, your dentist will advise you if a retainer is necessary to keep your teeth in place for a certain period of time after the aligners are removed.