Treating Adulthood Teeth Gaps With Invisalign Clear Aligners

Some individuals feel insecure about gaps between their teeth, especially if it is in the front teeth. The official term for a gap between teeth is “diastema”. There are no negative health implications caused by diastema but it can be treated as a cosmetic issue. 

What are tooth gaps?

There are a few causes for teeth gaps in adulthood. It is usual to have teeth gaps as a child but less so when your adult teeth come through. 

A few common causes are when a person has undersized teeth, meaning they are too small in relation to a person’s jawbone. The imbalance of size can result in a gap between the front teeth. Usually, this is caused genetically, so can be predicted by your parents’ dental records. It may also be caused by prolonged usage of a pacifier or thumb sucking, as this can cause a misalignment of the teeth and other dental problems. Another common cause is gum disease. 

Gum disease can be caused by improper dental care and oral hygiene practises. For example, not brushing your teeth properly and not flossing enough can lead to a build-up of plaque and tartar. Plaque is caused by bacteria and over time, it breaks down the enamel and surface of your teeth, as well as irritates the gums. The irritation can cause your gums to become sore and inflamed. The result of this may be that you experience tooth movement, thereby causing gaps in your front teeth.

No matter the cause of the gaps in your teeth, there are solutions that can help bring your teeth together. 

How can teeth gaps be treated?

A tooth gap can easily be treated with Invisalign clear aligners. This is an orthodontic treatment that is commonly used for individuals with teeth gaps. The aligner trays are fitted to each individual and this helps to move the teeth to their correct positions, over a period of time. If you are considering correcting your smile, it is always best to first consult with a dental professional at the Invisalign Centre in Dubai. 

It is possible to start the process with an e-consultation. The virtual SmileView tool allows you to see how clear aligners can successfully transform your smile. Afterwards, an in-clinic consultation is necessary for dental records to be taken with the iTero intraoral scanner. X-rays and photos will be used to identify the problem teeth. Then the 3D iTero scan will be used to create an Invisalign Treatment Outcome Simulation. The simulation allows the practitioner to show you how the treatment will work to straighten the teeth, and will show a projected outcome of the results possible for your individual case. The final plan will be designed by one of our Diamond level Invisalign providers who will create a precise ClinCheck treatment plan. 

After the first appointment, your dentist will be able to track the process remotely through the virtual care feature. There are multiple stages in the program as the teeth are slowly adjusted. The time period and the number of aligners required differ from person to person. 

The benefit of Invisalign clear aligners is that they can be used for children, teenagers, and adults. This means that no matter the cause of your diastema, at almost any age, it is treatable. Other added benefits are that Invisalign is easy-to-use, less painful than traditional braces, and are relatively unnoticeable when worn. 

There are multiple causes for gaps in your front teeth, more formally termed as diastema. Causes can vary from genetics to gum disease. The good news is that no matter the cause, the gap can easily be fixed with the help of the Invisalign Center in Dubai.