Veneers Aftercare Tips For Quick Recovery And Longevity.

Veneers are a highly demanded cosmetic dental procedure that improves your smile. As they last for 10 years or more with proper maintenance, they are also much more effective than alternative options. Taking care of your veneers is very simple. Here are some tips we provide our patients at the Invisalign Center Dubai on aftercare following a veneers treatment for quick recovery and longevity. 

Practice Oral Hygiene 

Your teeth and gum serve as the foundation for your veneers. So it’s important to take care of them the right way. Practising good oral hygiene will keep your mouth and gum strong and healthy for a speedy recovery and will keep your veneers looking best for longer. 

Apart from this, while your veneers won’t decay, they are still attached to your teeth. So if you don’t brush, the chances of your teeth decaying from the edge (where it meets the veneers) can increase. There are also some exposed portions of the tooth behind the veneers where teeth decay can start to root if oral hygiene is neglected.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene only requires you to follow a regular brushing routine. This includes brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily. 

Avoid Biting Into Hard Food 

Your veneers are designed to be resilient for hard use. But during recovery, it’s best to avoid chewing on ice hard candy that needs a great bite force. 

Another thing you can consider is to avoid biting directly into food that can be cut into small portions. For example, apples, peaches, celery sticks and similar food can be cut and eaten instead of biting into them using your front teeth. Doing this will speed the healing process and ensure the veneers are getting the right gentle care for them to settle in. 

Fix Any Teeth Grinding Issues 

Teeth grinding is a dental problem that can lead to further damages and jaw misalignment if it goes untreated. Patients who have this condition may have joint pain from clenching and scraping while they sleep. 

If you wake up with jaw pains or headaches, the chances are that you’re grinding your teeth at night. This can cause damage to your veneers while recovering and risk their longevity. In worse cases, it may cause permanent damages to the veneers. 

If you suspect you have this problem, opt for a night splint or get an Invisalign treatment done before getting your veneers. A night splinter will prevent you from grinding your teeth while sleeping, thereby protecting your veneers. Invisalign treatment will correct the bite and properly align the teeth. This can decrease or permanently eliminate the occurrence of teeth grinding. 

Regular checkups

Although often overlooked, regular checkups are an important aftercare tip for any dental procedure. Regular checkups will allow your dentists to check the progress and detect any recovery issues in their early stages. It also helps your doctor to suggest and provide any relevant guidance or adjustments needed for better results. 

Even if you detect any problems or discomfort with your veneers during recovery, it’s recommended to follow up with your dentist. Especially if you have got many dental treatments done alongside veneers or have other dental issues, this aftercare tip should never be missed.