What Is An Open Bite And How It Can Be Treated

When someone has an open bite, the front of the mouth and the lower and upper teeth are slightly slanted outwards. The most common type is an anterior bite. The slant prevents the teeth from meeting at the front. Essentially, the teeth are not aligned properly. 

There is no cause for concern if the formation of an open bite is caught early. Around the age of 7 is the best time to try and treat the issue. Reasons it should be treated are that it can cause issues with eating, speech problems, and wear down the back teeth. Speech problems tend to be the most common as the gap between the teeth can cause a lisp. You are best advised to visit the Invisalign centre in Dubai if you notice that your child has developed an open bite.  Preventing these issues from occurring is much easier when treating children rather than waiting until adulthood. 

Common causes of an open bite

There are a few common causes for an open bite. It may be caused by certain habits or it can be an issue with the structure of the jaw or bone. 

Bad habits that can lead to an open bite are sucking on your thumb or a pacifier, or having issues with tongue thrusting. When someone regularly sucks on their thumb or pacifier it puts strain on the alignment of their teeth. Having the foreign object in their mouth for long periods of time creates a slanting of the front teeth. However, it may be an inherited issue. Temporomandibular joint disorder and skeletal problems can also cause an open bite. The former is a type of chronic jaw pain that can encourage individuals to use their tongue to put pressure or “push” on their jaw to relieve the pain. The latter is an issue that is inherited in the way that the jaw grows, growing apart instead of parallel. 

No matter the cause of the open bite, it can be treated. 

How to treat an open bite

A highly recommended method of treatment for an open bite is through a clear aligner system. If caught early on, Invisalign clear aligners can help correct an open bite so that the teeth will meet properly at the front of the jaw. Since the clear aligners are customised to each patient, you will be able to close the bite in a way that best suits your mouth. Adult teeth can be more difficult to correct but Invisalign clear aligners are a good option. They are also more cost-effective than undergoing surgery. You will need to have a consultation with a dental specialist before it can be determined as to which treatment option will best suit your situation. 

Later in life, an open bite can cause serious dental and speech issues. It is best to correct this issue as soon as possible because younger teeth are easier to correct.