Discover The 5 Steps Leading Upto Your Veneers Treatment

Many social experts believe that an attractive smile is an important social asset. Sometimes you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and an attractive smile goes a long way in making your impression last. Veneers have become a popular choice for many to obtain the smile of their dreams. If you’re also looking to get a veneer treatment but not sure how it works- then here are the 5 steps that lead up to your veneer’s treatment. 

Step 1- Consultation and discussion with your Dentists 

Consultation is usually the first step in your veneer’s treatment procedure. Under consultation, your dentist will ask you about all your concerns regarding your smile and smile goals. This includes what you like, dislike, and what you think needs to be changed to give you a smile you want. 

Although this is a simple process, it lays the base for how your result will be. So you need to give as many precise details as possible in this step. The right information provided here will help your dentist to plan your treatment accordingly. 

Step 2: Preview 

Once you have discussed all your concerns and what you’re expecting out of the treatment, your dentist will create an exact model of your teeth and then shape them using veneer-like pieces to show you a preview of how your result will be.

Some may create temporary veneers out of acrylic plastic or tooth-colored dental filling material, which can be placed onto your teeth to show how the result will be. 

In some cases, your dentist will give you a preview of the result using advanced computer programs. 

All these options give you a preview of your new smile that will result from the treatment. If you need any changes or alterations, you can mention them in this stage until you are satisfied with the preview. 

Step 3: Preparing your teeth

Once you are happy with the treatment plan and the preview, your dentists will then proceed to prepare your teeth for the veneer’s treatment. The preparation usually depends on how your teeth look before the veneer’s treatment. This can vary from polishing the teeth or removing a layer from the front, biting edges, or sides of the teeth. 

This is done to make sure your teeth are prepared to lay the veneers flat and give a more natural look. The teeth preparation will also be based on the specifications you discussed with your dentist under step 1 (consultation). 

Step 4: Laboratory creation

Once your teeth are prepared, a mold will be made and sent to the dental laboratory. This is where technicians or specialized dentists will create a replica of your teeth to make veneers custom-made for you. This will take a few weeks, and sometimes your dentists may provide you with a set of temporary veneer made using acrylic. 

Step 5: Bonding And Aftercare Treatment 

Once your veneers are created and come back from the lab, your dentists will bond them into your teeth. Bonding will make your tooth and the veneer one single unit. This bonding process is permanent and requires a professional to have them removed – so there is no need to worry about them coming off. 

Along with this step, it’s also important to focus on aftercare treatment – where you will need to attend regular checkups and follow strict oral hygiene at home, including proper brushing and flossing.

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