Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Gum Health

According to studies, the prevalence of periodontal disease among children and adolescents is increasing in the UAE despite a decline in the global scale. Its effects are not just limited to gums, as medical professionals have discovered that if left untreated, gum diseases can contribute to serious health issues in other parts of the body. With this, it is vital to take care of the gum health from a young age until maturity.


Importance of Maintaining Healthy Gums



  • Avoidance of Gum Disease



The mouth houses complex ecosystems of bacteria known as the oral microbiome. They compete for space, and when in balance, protect the gums from disease-causing bacteria. However, when such balance is disturbed due to poor oral hygiene, periodontal or gum disease may be caused, opening for pathogens to invade. According to Dr. Thomas Van Dyke of the Department of Applied Sciences at Harvard-affiliated Forsyth Institute, this triggers the body’s immune system to respond, causing white blood cells to eradicate them by producing substances that can destroy gum tissue along with bacteria. 


With regular dental checkups and optimum oral health, however, bacteria-harboring plaque can be prevented, while the first signs of gum disease can be spotted for early treatment.



  • Preventing Adverse Illnesses



The effects of gum disease may range from gum swelling, also known as gingivitis, to tooth loss. However, according to studies, this can further result in a higher risk for dementia as it can cause an increase in plaque development that can flow to the brain through infected blood, and even cardiovascular diseases as bacteria may cause blockages that can lead to heart attack.


However, with proper and consistent oral hygiene, there is a greater chance of preventing the mild and adverse effects of gum disease as bacteria-causing sickness will not be able to grow and eventually work their way beneath the gum line.


How to Achieve Healthy Gums



  • Brushing and Flossing



To achieve optimum gum health, brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss before bed time. This removes dirt on all spaces between your teeth which may eventually cause the accumulation of bacteria.



  • Mouthwash



Antibacterial mouthwashes can reduce plaque biofilm and kill bacteria on non-tooth oral surfaces, such as the cheeks and the tongue, preventing tooth and gum decay and ensuring that all areas of your mouth are clean.



  • Dental Checkup



Seeing your dentist for checkup every six months can help avoid gum diseases as they can be detected in their early stages for treatment, preventing bacteria and plaque from spreading and causing permanent damage to your teeth.



  • Make Sure Your Teeth are Aligned



Misaligned or crowded teeth can make it harder for you to clean your mouth, as food can be trapped in hard-to-reach places that may result in the build-up of tartar and plaque, causing gum disease. With this, it is vital to make sure that you invest in treatments that can help you fix the alignment of your teeth so that all the other methods can also properly work for you.


Make Them a Habit


Take good care of your overall oral hygiene by making sure that you regularly practice the methods to achieve healthy gums. Engaging in teeth whitening treatment in Dubai along with regular dental checkups and teeth alignment procedures are also vital for added care and protection.

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