Traditional Braces Vs Invisible Braces – Here Is What Makes Them Different

Everyone has different reasons for going in for an orthodontic treatment. But one thing they all wish to have is a perfect smile that makes them confident enough to smile at the world. Orthodontic treatments in Dubai basically focus on solving dental issues like tooth gaps, misalignments, overcrowding, underbites and overbites. Although people want to change their smile, there are many people out there who do not wish to have an alternative solution to traditional braces.

Invisible braces, or clear aligners from the Invisalign Center in Dubai are an excellent choice for people who wish for a more discreet approach to orthodontics. While traditional braces are colorful metal or resin brackets attached to the teeth using wires and tightened from time to time, the Invisalign aligners are clear custom-made trays for your teeth that help push your teeth into position.

So here is a breakdown of both orthodontic options to help you choose the best one for your needs –

Treatment Time

Traditional metallic braces are attached to your teeth and worn permanently for an average of 2 years. They are worn 24×7 for the entire length of the treatment, which ultimately helps in gaining the perfect smile.

However, invisible braces like Invisalign aligners have to be worn only for a period of 9 to 15 months. The can be removed from time to time, especially during meals and for cleaning. As long as you strictly wear it at all other times, the clear aligners can also work well to help you achieve that flawless smile.

Solvable Dental Issues

As braces are directly attached to your teeth and worn permanently, they are a great choice for fixing overcrowded or crooked teeth. Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, offer to straighten the teeth without much complexity. They are the best choice for people who have gaped and misaligned teeth.

Style and Comfort

Traditional braces might look too cumbersome when compared to invisible braces like Invisalign aligners. They are virtually invisible giving the wearer enough confidence to smile confidently without the worry of metal parts sticking out. While people do stylize their metallic braces by choosing colorful brackets, they are still a mouthful when compared clear aligners which are barely there.

Traditional braces also tend to create a lot of discomfort for the wearers by irritating and chaffing the inside of the mouth. However, Invisalign aligners are comfortable to wear and easily removable, making them a favorite choice for many.

Ease of Living

Although traditional braces may be a choice for those who fear discipline and compliance, it can be quite painful to have them in your mouth 24×7. Also, many people complain about having a slight lisp while wearing them apart from the wires poking and prodding the inside of the mouth. Wearing a traditional brace will also put the wearer on a restricted diet (unless you are committed to spending much time cleaning between the wires) as a lot of food items are taboo for them as they tend to stick to the braces.

Invisalign are form-fitted and don’t cause the wearer a lisp. They are removable and can be removed prior to meals, thus allowing the wearer to enjoy any kind of food. Their clear and clean appearance will make the wearer more confident to smile even with the aligners on.


Clear aligners are a great choice of invisible braces in Dubai. They are comfortable, custom-fitted and can help align your teeth into a perfect smile. Contact your nearest Invisalign Center in Dubai for more information.