What You Need To Know About Your Invisalign Journey

Undergoing an Invisalign treatment can be a thrilling and undertaking experience. Finally, a hope to get that winning smile can be within your reach, without the long and tedious traditional orthodontic process. The treatment offers you a solution where you can straighten and align your teeth the most efficient and safe way possible through invisible and custom fit aligners

If you are considering straightening your teeth to achieve that beautiful smile of your dreams, read along to know what you can expect from your Invisalign journey.

In a Nutshell: How Invisalign Treatment Works

During your Invisalign treatment, you would have to undergo iTero scanning to have your dentist capture 3D images of your mouth. This allows them to create dental models that can be used to make custom fit aligners for you.

You will then wear a series of aligners for 1-2 weeks at a time for at least 20 to 22 hours a day in order to progressively move your teeth into their desired positions. They are removable, so you can eat and drink normally without restricting your diet to soft food. This will also allow you to clean your teeth and your aligners well.

Before Your Treatment

Now that you have a grasp on how Invisalign treatment works in general, let us take a brief look into what you can expect before you start your treatment procedure. 

  • Consultation

Invisalign treatment will be tailored to your needs from end to end. For this, you will need to first undergo a consultation with your dentist in order for them to determine how exactly you can arrive at your ideal smile. Depending on your requirement they will then explain to you the specifics of ideal treatment options and their cost so you can pick an option that best suits you. 


  • Pre-Treatment Assessment


During the pre-treatment assessment, your dentist would visualize the detail of your teeth and mouth through the iTero 3D scanner in order to determine pre-existing dental issues and abnormalities that need to be considered. This includes diagnosing issues like cavities, gum disease, and hidden abscesses. This will also allow your dentist to know which teeth should not be moved in order to avoid implants, and ascertain the risk of side effects that may come with your treatment and how to avoid them. 

During Treatment

To specifically know how Invisalign treatment works and determine what will happen to your teeth in the process, here’s a quick look into teeth alignment .

  • Teeth Movement

During your Invisalign treatment, your whole tooth, root, and crown will ideally move into their proper and permanent places gradually. 


  • Adjustment


For teeth movement to happen, you would need to have spaces for them to slide around. This can be made to happen through interproximal reduction, teeth extractions, and arch expansion, the latter being achieved through aligners themselves.

End of Invisalign Treatment

After the last set of your aligners, your dentist will then advise you to have them removed. In order to maintain the winning smile you have achieved. You may however need to wear retainers to prevent your teeth from relapsing into their usual incorrect positions.


Make sure that your orthodontist is among the most reliable in the field to help you achieve expected results in a safe manner. If you’re looking for a reliable place  in Dubai to get this treatment done, reach out to the best orthodontists through Invisalign Center.